Comprehensive Case Management Software for Reentry Programs

No matter the type of reentry program, it’s important for organizations to collect individual and program information and report on the outcome of that data. Our ETO and Apricot solutions allow organizations like yours to track what matters, prove impact, and reduce recidivism one inmate at a time.

Helping You Transform Lives

If you want to break the cycle of recidivism and make sure those who leave the corrections system reenter society successfully, you need an outcomes management tool that you can count on. Whether you help inmates while incarcerated or beyond, it is imperative to understand the impact your services have on clients to ensure they are self-sufficient and unlikely to recidivate.

Tools for Every Step of the Process

Intake Clients

As clients begin to work in your organization, data collection happens in real-time. Easily record basic information in a secure system as soon as you engage.

Assess Needs

Whether you’re providing education, job seeking, or housing services to inmates, ensure your clients are aligned with the correct services.

Provide Services

Be confident that your services are delivered as designed and that programs and agencies work effectively together toward positive client outcomes.


Collaborate across service providers and meet compliance needs more efficiently. Share data with stakeholders regularly and secure their long-term support.

Report Results

Our ETO for Reentry solution is a best practice solution designed for reentry organizations with prebuilt forms and reports based on proven outcomes.

Manage to Outcomes

Assess the impact of your actions and adjust your processes over time so you can ensure you are providing the best services to your clients at every stage.

A Solution Designed for Reentry Organization

Our ETO for Reentry solution is a preconfigured, best practice solution specifically designed for reentry organizations with pre-built forms and reports based on proven outcomes. The flexibility of ETO and Apricot is designed to meet the needs of organizations of every size. We meet you where you are, and as your organization scales and evolves to have more complex data needs, you can modify your system to meet them.

With our reentry solutions, you’ll receive:

  • Best practice forms related specifically to reducing recidivism
  • Built-in reports to help you meet individual and program goals
  • The flexibility to modify your system to meet your unique needs

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We help your organization track all aspects of your reentry programs and services to prove effectiveness at the individual, program, and organizational level to reach your goals and reduce recidivism.