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A boy plays with blocks under the smiling supervision of a  nonprofit organization social worker.

Use Case Management Software to Grow Your Impact

Social Solutions is the leading cloud software provider for public sector and nonprofit social service organizations.

A public sector employee smiles in front of a computer.

Organizations we serve

Two members of a nonprofit organization in conversation during a meeting.


Measure outcomes, optimize programs, and communicate your impact to supporters and stakeholders.

Two public sector agency employees review data on a tablet in passing.

Public Sector Agencies

Improve outcomes for your community while successfully navigating regulatory compliance requirements.

A woman speaks with a philanthropist about investing in technology to impact social good.


Build a better tomorrow with technology to make more informed decisions, scale impact, and accelerate the pace of change.

We empower communities to accelerate lasting social change.

Connect partners with services

We make it easy for people to connect to the services they need.

Help organizations provide services

We help the social sector develop, deliver, and optimize programs and services.

Give funders tools for social change

We give funders and foundations a transparent 360° view of their impact.

Unrivaled technology

We use intuitive solutions to increase efficiencies, streamline workflows, and improve data insights.

Actionable insights

We provide case management solutions to enable better decision-making and outcomes.

Industry-leading expertise

Social workers built our software 20 years ago. Today, we serve 90,000 people.

Powerful technology solutions for social good impact.

Case Management

The leading provider of case management software

Streamline workflows, guarantee data integrity, and manage your outcomes through smarter case management solutions. No matter your organization’s size, Social Solutions is designed to help you better serve your community.

Apricot 360 case management software tasks, appointments and notifications dashboard

Participant connection

Capabilities to increase program engagement

Meet, collaborate, and communicate with the people you serve effortlessly— remotely and in-person — with participant communication features. Save time, encourage participation, and improve the chances of success while gaining insights into outcomes.

Apricot 360 recent messages dashboard

Community network

Bringing communities together to drive social change

Join a global network of social good organizations to capitalize on best practices implemented by thousands of organizations solving worldwide social issues. Our case management software helps you understand and connect with the communities you serve through census data integrations, closed-loop referrals, and more.

Apricot 360 Attendance Snapshot and Geographic Distribution insights help nonprofit organizations and public sector agencies understand the communities they serve.

Data analytics

Providing powerful insights to create greater social impact

Apricot 360 case management solutions go beyond tracking your outputs. Data collected from reporting and snapshot features help inform organizational decision-making, uncover best practices, report on outcomes, and increase collaboration within your community.

Apricot 360 Attendance Snapshot insights help drive insights to help inform decision-making and increase collaboration within the community.


A secure solution that exceeds compliance needs

Your security — and the security of the people you serve — is crucial. Our case management solution is SOC2 Type II and HIPAA compliant, includes 24/7/365 monitoring, and features automatic data encryption. This allows your organization to spend time focusing on what really matters — your purpose.

Apricot 360 secure sign-in.

Join the Referral Network!

With Closed-Loop Referrals, it’s easier than ever to provide coordinated care to participants while building a network of area providers. Connect with like-minded organizations on a mission to help more people and do more good!

See how Kansas City maximized their community impact

Data is crucial to telling your organization’s success story. A lack of data infrastructure makes telling that story difficult, expensive and time-consuming. LINC Kansas City realized that with a proper platform, they could spend less time tracking and reporting and more time meeting the needs of the community.

“I was stunned. We sent an email around July when we typically don’t have as ready access to parents and had a 49% open rate, which is very high. As soon as we sent that first email, people were acting on it immediately. Then, we sent a follow-up in early August, and we saw a 56% open rate. The immediate response to the pre-enrollment intake form was extraordinary.”

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