Software Built to Help Foundations Manage Grants and Measure Impact

Take your foundation to the next level with impact funding. Track grant applications, approvals, and measure the impact of your investment. Work alongside your grantees to generate positive outcomes in the communities they serve so you can make smart funding decisions in the future. We can help you get there.

Grow Your Foundation's Impact

Our Apricot for Funders (AFF) software provides a flexible and secure solution for foundations of all sizes. Track grant applications, review submissions, and measure the outcome of your grantees’ work all within one system.

A Solution Designed for Foundations and Funders

Social Solutions offers Apricot for Funders (AFF) software for foundations, whether corporate, family, private, community, or institutional. Online grant solicitations and applications are safe, simple and secure for both grantors and applicants. Scheduling site reviews, application assessments and formal or informal scoring is efficient and easy. Reporting by supported agencies and grantees is user-friendly and accessible from any Internet-based computer.

  • Create and share output, outcome, and ROI charts and graphs
  • Streamline your grant application process
  • Make every grant dollar count

Who We Serve

See How Social Solutions Can Help Fund Greater Impact

We help your organization track all aspects of your victims’ services programs and services to prove effectiveness at the individual, program and organizational level to reach your goals and fund greater impact.