Comprehensive Software for Nonprofit and Public Sector Organizations

Social Solutions was founded with the mission of giving human services professionals a better way to collect data so they could better understand their impact. Today, case managers, job coaches, correctional officers, youth workers, and funders alike all log in to our software and trust our tools to help them serve their communities better.

We Proudly Serve Organizations Who Transform Lives

We’ve designed our products to fit and configure to the ins and outs of your organization. With specific solutions for multiple verticals based on best practices and industry standards, we’ll help you choose the right solution to have the greatest impact.

Social Solutions is proud to partner with organizations in both the nonprofit and public sectors, offering a wide array of service areas including health and human services, workforce services, reentry services, child and family services, homeless services, foundations and funders, and victims’ services.

Who We Serve

How Social Solutions Helps Nonprofits Maximize Impact

Social Solutions was founded by caseworkers almost 20 years ago, so we have the unique experience needed to meet the needs of all nonprofits, regardless of size or mission. We combine that experience with our versatile, comprehensive software suite to work with nonprofits so they can empower their programs and prove their impact.

Discover how Social Solutions is helping thousands of organizations, like yours, maximize their impact.

Social Solutions Software in the Public Sector

Social Solutions is also aligned with public sector agencies and the unique needs and requirements they have when it comes to data and outcome management. Our product suite offers solutions that ensure you have the security, scalability, and sophisticated reporting capabilities you need to meet compliance regulations and demonstrate results.

Learn more about how Social Solutions is helping government agencies meet regulations and prove impact.