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Social Solutions’ Product Portfolio is designed to fit and scale with your organization.

The right solutions to fit your needs.

Social Solutions technology was built for case workers, by case workers. We understand the challenges that nonprofits and public sector agencies face every day, and develop solutions to overcome those challenges. With over 20 years of case management software experience, we’ve got the right solution to help you deliver more impact.

35% less time spent on data entry

Eliminate dual data entry and siloed data systems so you can focus on what matters.

40% less time spent on reporting

Easy access to a structured database means less time spent on reporting and access to more funding streams.

25% less time spent on data integrity

Our solutions have conditions in place to ensure that data is entered securely and accurately the first time.

Nonprofit Organizations

Helping you help your community

A myriad of capabilities within our software help you understand and deliver a better, stronger community impact.

Focus on what matters

Don’t let data entry be your main job function. Our tools can save up to 35% of time spent on data entry, allowing you to focus on your mission.

Public Sector Agencies

Break down data silos

Social Solutions’ case management software consolidates data sources to make entry, maintenance and reporting a breeze.

Less busy work, more impact

Streamline workflows, meet compliance requirements and enhance your program delivery through solutions designed to improve efficiency.

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Accelerate your philanthropic impact with the power of technology.

At Social Solutions, we strongly believe that access to technology is a fundamental driver of lasting social change. And to continue driving this change, we created Impact Partners — a team dedicated to helping nonprofits gain access to funding to help offset the cost of technology enablement, and to enabling funders to truly measure the impact of their investments in a data driven way. We collaborate with funders to create community or sector specific Impact Funds that provide matching funds for nonprofits to adopt the case management software of their choice.

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