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Story + Mission

People are at the center of everything we do.

Four team members stand in front of a whiteboard and sticky notes having a discussion.

We work with the people we serve in mind.

Our commitment to leveraging great technology for the good of communities everywhere has helped us change lives for more than 20 years, and we are enthusiastic about facing the new challenges we see in front of us — with more collaboration than ever before.

Grounded in social change

We were founded by social workers who saw the potential of technology to reduce the manual paperwork in order to drive social change.

Client-driven innovation

We develop our products in collaboration with our clients. Working with people who work in the field helps them solve their most urgent challenges.

Moving social work out of filing cabinets.

Modernizing the way we serve

Twenty years ago, Steve Butz was a social worker in Baltimore. He did it because he wanted to help people, but found he spent most of his time buried in paperwork. He knew there had to be a better way, and when he saw technology transforming businesses all around him in the 2000 tech boom, he thought that might be the answer. He learned to code, wrote one of the first case-management software packages and started Social Solutions.

90,000+ people use Social Solutions technology

In 2001 in Waterloo, Canada, Greg Stanley-Horn worked in a nonprofit struggling with the same challenges. He founded Athena Software, a leading case management company. In 2021, Social Solutions and Athena Software joined forces to accelerate the pace of innovation for the communities they serve. Two decades after it was founded, Social Solutions remains the leading provider of cloud and case management software for nonprofit and public sector social service organizations worldwide.

It was recently announced that Social Solutions is combining with EveryAction and CyberGrants to create the second-largest and fastest-growing social good software company in the world.

Our mission

Unrivaled technology
To provide the industry’s best technology and data solutions to measure and impact social change.

Community impact
To enable communities to drive greater impact together.

Improved outcomes
To lead and advance the ability to measure and optimize outcomes.

A woman smiles and hugs a nurse.

Our 2020 Impact Report

Social Solutions’ inaugural Impact Report reinforces that the future of social good is now. 


  • 3.7M+ participants added by our clients in 2020
  • 3.5X more services can be delivered as a result of efficiencies gained by using Social Solutions software
LINC Local Investment Commission Logo

“Using Social Solutions’ software, we can demonstrate that after-school programs help improve school attendance.” 

Brent Schondelmeyer, Deputy Director of Community Engagement

Nonprofit insight + technical expertise

Former social workers
Many former social workers have found they felt at home working at Social Solutions, accelerating impact through the power of technology.

We apply experience to our leadership
Not only were we created by and employ social workers, but more than 90,000 social good employees have used our software to date.

A woman in a blue and white striped shirt smiles and rests her chin on her hand while in a discussion.

Ballmer Group + Social Solutions

"We are impressed with the mission and work of Social Solutions, and I hope others in the tech industry will also accelerate efforts." - Steve Ballmer quote overlaid on a photo of children seated at desks in a classroom.