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Health Services

Software for organizations providing critical healthcare services through client-focused care.

Managing individual client care and mission impact

Develop individual plans to ensure your clients are getting the correct treatment and work collaboratively to refer clients between programs for optimum care. Meanwhile, meet funding requirements and measure your overall progress towards organizational goals and outcomes. Our software ensures you can manage and report on the services you offer in one easy-to-use tool.

Client-Focused Assessments

From mental health counseling to elderly care, use assessments to ensure your clients are aligned with the care they need most.

Collaboration for Optimum Care

Refer clients between programs internally, and collaborate with other nonprofits, healthcare facilities and government agencies.

Insightful, Easy-to-Use Reporting

Meet funding requirements and report against goals such as improved self-sufficiency, quality of care and more.

Solutions to help you provide optimum care

We help your organization track all aspects of your health services programs to care for more clients, increase self-sufficiency and further your impact.


Take your mission further

Software to help you optimize efficiencies and provide critical care to more people in need.

Simple, Easy, Intuitive

No matter what your comfort is with technology, Apricot is easy to learn and navigate. 

See how technology can take your mission further

A holistic approach to health and data

In partnership with Social Solutions, Deaconess Nurse Ministry gave remote nurses the ability to input all of their data into the system—anywhere, anytime they need to.

Better data proves to be the key to demonstrating effectiveness.

“We have seen an increase in our ability to get grants because we are able to show what we are doing and how it has increased the health of the clients we serve.”


Ready to strengthen your impact?
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