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Case management database software for your programs

Eliminate duplicate data entry, reduce time spent on administrative tasks, and track program performance with smarter case management database solutions.

Discover how to use case management database software to track your organization’s performance.

A trusted partner to support your community.

At Social Solutions, we believe technology is the key to accelerating social change. That’s why we’ve designed the most comprehensive and intuitive case management database software available.

Eliminate duplicate data entry

Social Solutions’ clients spend 35% less time on data capture.

Reporting at your fingertips

Our clients see a 40% reduction in time spent on reporting and analysis.

Ensure data integrity

Our clients spend 25% less time maintaining data integrity.

Case management software that helps you tell your impact story.

By overlaying the services you provide with improvements over time, you can optimize your programs and show your results to funders.


From data to insights

Make it easy to see the relationship between your programs and the improvements you are driving.

Increase your funding

Comprehensive, scalable reporting helps you meet funder requirements and clearly communicate your value.

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Create and expand programs with ease

Highly adaptable
Use intuitive workflows to guide solutions to any of your new and emerging problems, increase efficiency, iterate, and pivot.

Proven results
Our clients reported a 40% reduction in cost to create or manage new programs.

With case management database software, your organization can create intuitive workflows.


Easy to use from anywhere
Workflows that make sense and use a user interface that’s available within a mobile app.

Intuitive and modern user interface
Use automated workflows in an interface your team can quickly learn and understand.

Social Solutions’ case management database software is intuitive and easy to use.
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Customized alerts

No one falls through the cracks
By setting automated notifications, your team no longer has to rely on memory to ensure participants aren’t missed.  

Improve service delivery
With automated processes, you can improve data integrity while freeing up your team from administration tasks.

Create customized alerts with Social Solutions’ case management database software.

See how technology can take your mission further

Apricot Results Reporting

Consolidating information in a central database eliminates duplicate data and saves your organization hours, if not days, on reporting. The value of a good database is immeasurable, elevating your understanding of the community you serve.

Apricot Results Reporting can elevate your understanding of the community

“Here’s what I believe: do the work and the outcomes will show. But in order for outcomes to show, I need the data.”

LAUREN SLY, Vice President of Programs at communities in school

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