Client, Volunteer & Outcomes Database Software for Nonprofits

Apricot nonprofit database software supports over 18,000 organizations around the world. With options to fit every nonprofit size and type, Apricot Software meets all your data collection and reporting needs in one secure and centralized online platform.

Nonprofit Database Software

Apricot’s user-friendly data import and export tools allow you to easily move data from your old database to Apricot or transfer data from Apricot to any other tool you are required to use, such as accounting software or government databases. With Apricot, it is easy to create a database to track what matters most, whether that is outcomes, client cases, volunteers or even donors.

Create Outcomes to Prove Impact

Confidently evaluate the impact of your programs from a micro or macro perspective with Apricot software.The Apricot Report Builder uses simple drag-and-drop functionality, a wide range of filtering options and side-by-side comparisons for a comprehensive view of assessments and other measurements over time per client (with calculations and summaries available within each report). Use drill-down reporting for client-level outcome data or easily create roll-up reports on group, site and agency-wide levels.

In a nutshell, Apricot gives you the ability to use all of your data that has been collected over time and draw it into individual or aggregate reports to compare client progress and assess program outcomes. These reports run in real-time, with linking back to source data enabling you to more easily track and prove your impact and outcomes.

"From those early years, Apricot has established a high mark for quality and responsive service for a product that truly was, and continues to be, ahead of its time."

Jesse Bethke Gomez

MMA - Former President, CLUES

Access Your Secure Case Management Database Online

Don’t put your clients’ futures at risk with insecure paper or desktop-based files. Your Apricot software case management database will combine comprehensive data security, with ease-of-use and convenience. Easily manage client information with database features like duplicate check at intake, family and household linking, appointment scheduling, release forms, service referrals, goal planning and implementation, and program enrollment. No matter the size of your budget, we have a system that will work for you AND your clients.

Volunteer Database Software

Volunteer management doesn’t need to be a hassle. Support the people who support you by establishing an easy-to-use volunteer database with Apricot. Volunteer contact information, release forms, hours, availability, interests and experiences can be recorded in one centralized online database. Scheduling the volunteer help you need, when you need it, is easy with Apricot’s real-time volunteer reports.