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Software designed with the people you serve at the center.

Logo lockup of Social Solutions software products including Apricot Essentials, Apricot Core, Apricot 360, Penelope and ETO.

Unrivaled technology to accelerate social change

Since 2000, our products have helped thousands of social good organizations create more impact in the communities they serve with innovative, intuitive solutions.

Lead with data and insights

Turn data into action to help ensure your participants’ success.

Join a community

Join thousands of organizations working together to solve the world’s most pressing social issues.

Prove impact and secure funding

Share your organization’s impact story with funders and secure funding to accelerate your mission.

Apricot 360 software featuring All Documents Program Enrollment and Class Attendance insights.

Apricot 360

Insights dashboard
Visualize your community reach and impact with data-import tools and integrations.

Advanced reporting
Generate richer insights with robust reporting capabilities.

Multiple sites and programs
Track participants, manage permissions and get a full view of programs across multiple sites.

Best-in-class partnerships
Capitalize on top-tier support and consultation from experienced industry leaders.

Apricot Essentials

Pre-built forms and reports
Make reporting easy with one single source of truth.

DIY implementation
Get up and running quickly with an intuitive, modern user interface.

Time-saving processes
Spend less time on data entry, data integrity and reporting.

Peace of mind
Rest assured your data is safe in our secure data environment.

Apricot Essentials software featuring intake forms.

Apricot Core

Client engagement tools
Meet, communicate and collaborate with the people in your community.

Rules and alerts
Create safeguards and alerts to ensure your participants don’t fall through the cracks.

Dynamic data representation
Manage outcomes with advanced, tangible ways to prove your impact.

Intelligent form design
Eliminate hours of dual data entry with built-in progressive form logic.

Apricot Core software featuring program calendar view.
Penelope software featuring Service Event and Details.


Integrated billing capabilities
Streamline efficiencies with an accounts receivable billing module.

Let participants request appointments, send messages and more.

Best practice library
Get started with proven templates with a library of forms and reports.

Automated workflows
Improve efficiency by allowing your staff to spend less time on manual tasks.

ETO Software featuring schedule view.

Efforts-to-Outcomes (ETO)

Caseload manager
Manage data, caseloads and service-delivery programs in one place.

Dynamic forms and reports
Work smarter with configurable forms and built-in reporting tools.

Secure and compliant platform
Rest assured your data is secure and backed up by industry-leading security.

Client-focused features
Attract new applicants, sustain connections and empower participants.

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