Why Your Nonprofit Organization Should Utilize Cloud-Based Technology

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Why Your Nonprofit Organization Should Utilize Cloud-Based Technology

Nonprofit technology is the center of any data-driven nonprofit organization. It allows organizations to track and standardize data, report on outcomes, and prove impact better than ever before. And while having nonprofit technology in place is a great start, many organizations can take even more steps to get their mission to the next level. And one important way to do that is to implement cloud-based technology.

Cloud-based technology should be a key feature of the nonprofit technology you’re trying to employ at your organization. With the growing number of web-enabled devices used in today’s environment, like smartphones and tablets, you can access your data easily and be flexible with your work environment. Cloud-based technology can give your team a lot of freedom to collaborate with each other, but has the upmost security to keep your data safe. Along with that, your organization will be able to scale its mission and keep the same software for the long haul.

There are so many benefits of cloud-based technology, but let’s focus on three key benefits. To learn more about what it can offer to your nonprofit, reach out to us today!

Cloud-based Technology is Scalable

Scalability is a feature that you want in nonprofit software, particularly when you’re looking at cloud-based technology. Cloud-based technology is scalable because it is not on a mainframe. It can expand or contract as much as possible to fit into your organization. It’s important to have nonprofit technology that can grow with your organization and help scale your programs. That way, you can invest in software that you can have for years to come. Another reason why scalability is important is, plainly, that software implementation is expensive. It’s essential to have technology in place that will save you money as you grow.

Cloud-based Technology Allows You to Collaborate with Ease

Collaboration is essential for any nonprofit organization and cloud-based technology is a champion of it. You can collaborate with cloud-based technology because it allows you and your team to view and edit the same records, find inconsistencies in data, and pull reports – all from different locations and machines. Collaborating helps you and your team get to know each other and your organization better, which leads to a more efficient workplace and a clear path to growth.

Cloud-based Technology is Secure and Flexible

Cloud-based technology ensures that your organization is keeping your data safe, secure, and in the right hands at all times. Your biggest responsibility to your clients is to keep their information safe. Along with that, your organization has a duty to stay compliant, and cloud-based technology can help you do that. With cloud-based technology, your data isn’t inside of a building or server, so you won’t have to worry about losing any data due to natural disasters. Cloud-based technology is also flexible enough to be taken anywhere, so when your organization eventually grows, you won’t have to move any heavy equipment. And you can work anywhere (with a secure WiFi connection) without needing to be worried about your information getting into the wrong hands.

Cloud computing has so many benefits that your organization can take advantage of. It will help your organization deliver more mission and grow for the future.

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