Why Should Government Agencies Consider Upgrading with the MGT Act?

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Why Should Government Agencies Consider Upgrading with the MGT Act?

Government agencies oftentimes must do more and more work with the same, aging technology; it takes a toll on each agency and the amount of impact you can have. If you spend more time fighting to keep up with your ever-changing requirements on computers that can no longer handle what you need to do, you spend less time making a difference in your constituents’ lives.

Upgrading your technology in alignment with the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act can help give your agency valuable time back. However, upgrading can be a monumental task, but how can putting in the work help your agency in the long run?

  1. A Secure System that can Scale to Fit Your Agency

Security of your system should be mission-critical, and legacy systems, especially as they age, have vulnerabilities. If you track or retain data about people, security is of utmost importance. Having gaps in your system makes your data vulnerable to hacking, and oftentimes a part of being compliant to your reporting requirements is having up-to-date data security. You do not want your agency to be the victim of a preventable hack! Data security and scalability are some of the main motivators behind the MGT Act.

  1. Improve Data Sharing Practices

Data is best when it works for everyone, and modernized case management technology has the capability to make your data more powerful without adding to your workload. Having secure access to other agencies’ data, when relevant to your agency, can benefit the constituents you serve as you can qualify them for services they might not access, enabling you to make a bigger impact in the community you serve.

  1. Reduce Manual Processes

Public sector agencies oversee a large group of constituents, and every interaction requires an update to a constituent’s case. That adds up quickly — how many cases does your agency handle on a weekly basis? With modern technology, the reduction of manual processes can make a huge difference in your agency’s day to day.

  1. Verify Your Data Early and Often

In a world of ever-changing requirements for funding from both federal and state agencies that agencies are required to report to, being able to verify that your data is accurate, current, and complete is more important than ever. With more modern technology that aligns with the MGT Act’s standards, adjusting to renewed requirements for your agency becomes less of a headache.

  1. Make Your Software Work for Your Staff

Who are the biggest day-to-day stakeholders in any case management software? Your staff! If your agency is using an outdated system, your staff are likely frustrated. Old software makes data entry a pain and lacks critical features and functionalities.  The members of your agency who run your day-to-day operations should always be considered when upgrading your technology to a more modern solution. Technology that works for your staff members unburdens your entire agency.

Interested in seeing what else upgrading your technology can do for your agency? Still unsure if you want to align with the MGT Act? Download our whitepaper, The MGT Act and Public Sector Case Management: 5 Ways to Maximize ROI. In it, you’ll learn how upgrading your system can not only bring your agency into alignment with the MGT Act, but how new technology can prepare your agency for success in the modern age.

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