Homeless Services eBook

According to the 2015 “State of Homelessness” report from the National Alliance to end Homelessness, there are more than 570,000 homeless individuals in the United States despite a decline in homelessness for a majority of states and homeless sub-populations. Even with the strengthening economy, homelessness continues to be a major issue in communities across America.

How can our Homeless Services Organization be even more effective?

This is a question that program directors, executive directors, and service providers ask themselves every day. This question can evoke negativity, including:

  • Confusion – “I don’t know where to start, there are so many options.”
  • Distress – “I’m already overwhelmed, how can we find the time to improve?”
  • Guilt – “We aren’t doing enough.”

Read our eBook now to find out how to get over the Homeless Services hump and start delivering the mission you strive to give!

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