Veterans, Fried Chicken, and the Importance of Intake

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Veterans, Fried Chicken, and the Importance of Intake

When Social Solutions’ Vice President of Engineering, Matt Kraft, started visiting with veterans at his local VA center in Perry Point, Maryland, he thought he knew what to expect. He expected to meet brave men and women who served our country, learn some life lessons, and spread a little happiness in the form of some KFC chicken (because a good guest never arrives empty-handed). But what he walked away with was all that and so much more. It included an understanding of the need for improving the background processes that deliver such critical services to our veterans.

A pattern emerged as he got to know these veterans over the course of his visits: veteran resources can be very difficult to acquire. He was struck at this moment just how important it is to make services easily accessible for veterans, and how technology could help. Because Social Solutions’ employees are already active in their communities (600+ hours of community service performed in 2018 alone), identifying challenges that could be resolved, or at least improved, by technology happens organically. In this case, Social Solution’s Portal and Intake features are powerful tools that could help meet this need at the VA.


How Portal and Intake Could Help the VA

With Portal and Intake, organizations can aid community members that otherwise might not participate in programming due to limitations that accompany outdated intake methods. For example, when a veteran returns home, he or she may need to see a doctor to treat PTSD. But what happens if they have a difficult time leaving the house because of environmental triggers to their condition? With Intake, the soldier can sign up for services from home, removing a major barrier to receiving the help they need. Then, veterans who are already enrolled in services can log into their profile and perform a variety of tasks in Portal. These tasks include updating their contact information, registering for additional programs, and confirming attendance. No one gets left behind.

Intake and Portal are also incredibly user-friendly for both clients and organization administrators. Our form builder is easy to use and information fields can be set as ‘required’ to capture the right information every time.


Technology to Reach More Veterans

When a veteran returns home from active duty, the goal is simple: to lead a normal, productive life. But this can prove difficult. Far too many many veterans experience difficulty in receiving the services they need to heal due to solvable operational obstacles. Organizations like the VA can empower veterans and their loved ones to request and apply for services they need and deserve with technology like Social Solution’s Intake and Portal features (available with ETO and Apricot).

The VA and other veterans’ organizations perform invaluable, life-saving work. Their life-saving work includes offering services to veterans like career coaching, counseling, and regular social gatherings to engage with their community. It is our mission to help them maximize outcomes for the veteran community. We recognize the sacrifices men and women in uniform have made for our country and how important it is for us to create resources for them to live fulfilling lives. To all our veterans, thank you.


Interested in volunteering for the VA? Reach out to your local VA center or click here for more information.


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