Social Solutions Global Awards Prospera HCS and SA Youth with First Ballmer Group Investment Matching Grants

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Social Solutions Global Awards Prospera HCS and SA Youth with First Ballmer Group Investment Matching Grants

AUSTIN, Texas & SAN ANTONIO— Today, Social Solutions Global announced San Antonio-based Prospera Housing Community Services (HCS) and SA Youth as the first two recipients of matching grants using funding from the Ballmer Group. The matching grants will defray 50 percent of the cost for the licenses to Social Solutions’ leading case management and analytics solution, Apricot 360.

Prospera was selected for its commitment to helping families in more than 19 cities across South Texas achieve brighter outlooks through safe, affordable housing and supportive services. SA Youth was selected for their tireless efforts to engage San Antonio’s high-risk youth and inspire them to fulfill their potential personally and in the community.

“We are inspired by both Prospera and SA Youth’s dedication to supporting at-risk students and families throughout Texas,” said Kristin Nimsger, CEO of Social Solutions. “Removing barriers to education through early detection and data management is a major priority for both our team and the Ballmer Group. We’re thrilled to equip both organizations with the tools they need to advance their missions and better tell their impact stories.”

With its Apricot 360 licenses, Prospera can now:

  • harness data for more comprehensive reporting – a critical factor in securing funding
  • proactively identify risks and take action
  • tackle the intersection of housing and healthcare, using data to monitor and manage the 80 percent of factors affecting health that occur outside of the clinical setting
  • focus on getting education support to at-risk children more quickly by proactively tying eviction notices and warnings to families who might have to move suddenly

“The matching grant from Social Solutions Global will allow us to transform our systems, ensuring we’re providing the best programs and, subsequently, the best outcomes for our communities,” said Carmen Hancock, VP of Resident Services. “Gaining access to this technology will help us maximize the intersection of high touch and high tech, while freeing up our team’s time so they can make the greatest difference in the lives of the communities we serve in South Texas.”

With its Apricot 360 licenses, SA Youth can now:

  • facilitate the gathering and synthesis of data between SA Youth and school districts to better monitor outcomes around attendance, grades, and other services provided
  • more effectively track not only where students in the YouthBuild program are coming from, but the services provided and ultimately, where they end up
  • create an overall more holistic view of the students that the organization serves

“We’re committed to improving educational achievement, developing positive values and character, and reinforcing healthy decisions for San Antonio’s urban youth – but as a nonprofit, we’ve often lacked the resources needed to reach our full potential,” said Asia Ciaravino, President & CEO of SA Youth. “That’s why we’re thrilled to incorporate Apricot 360 into our organization, not only to better serve our students through enhanced data and insights, but also to participate in the development of technology meant to maximize collaborative impact, a goal we share with Social Solutions.”

The Ballmer Group investment in Social Solutions Global will provide additional matching grants to other organizations across the public and nonprofit sectors who are seeking to leverage the power of data and analytics to achieve common goals. For more on the Ballmer Group investment or to get involved, visit

About Social Solutions Global

Social Solutions Global, the provider of Efforts to Outcomes (ETO®) and Apricot® Software, specializes in outcomes management software for human services, workforce, and education programs. Across the globe, our software is the leader in equipping thousands of organizations with the tools needed to transform the lives of children, adults, and families by making data useful to staff at all levels, from case managers to executive leadership. Follow us on Twitter: @SocialSolutions.

About Prospera HCS

Prospera HCS, formerly known as Housing and Community Services, Inc., assists families to achieve social and economic stability by providing affordable housing, community support, and education. Prospera HCS is a non-governmental, San Antonio-based 501(c)(3) Texas nonprofit housing provider established in 1993, and owns and/or operates 49 properties throughout South Texas. For more information, visit

About SA Youth

SA Youth’s mission seeks to develop the character, strengths, talents, and skills of San Antonio’s high-risk urban youth through fun, safe experiences, positive learning environments, and holistic programs that inspire each individual to fulfill their potential personally and in the community. For more information about SA Youth, please visit


Ariel Miller, INK Communications for Social Solutions Global

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