Partner Interview – Treadwell

Partner Interview – Treadwell

Social Solutions is pleased to welcome Treadwell as a Certified Implementation Partner for ETO®!  Treadwell has been providing professional consulting, configuration, and reporting services for over three years, and their consultants are among the most experienced ETO professionals anywhere. To formally welcome them, we asked their team a few questions about the company and why they chose ETO to help their nonprofit clients.

Why ETO?

ETO is the most flexible and powerful tool available for nonprofits to measure and extend their impact and mission. We’ve spoken with numerous organizations over the past few years and learned a lot about other software products they utilize, but nothing comes close to the power of ETO and ETO Results.

ETO, on its own, is a very flexible and powerful tool with extended add-ons that make every aspect of life simple for nonprofit users. But the addition of ETO Results puts ETO into a different stratosphere. No other product has more powerful reporting than ETO, and the value of strong, accurate reports to a nonprofit can’t be overstated.

What is one thing organizations who want become high performing should keep in mind?

To become a high performing organization that measures your mission, you need a strong, flexible data solution and powerful reports. And ETO does it all.

Why are you excited to be a Certified Implementation Partnership with Social Solutions?

Our consultants are former Social Solutions employees. We all learned from the inside, and were molded with a culture of doing what’s right for the client. This is why we have “Insider Experience and Outsider Perspective.” It is this perspective that allows us to provide the highest level of consulting to our clients while still maintaining the best practices of Social Solutions.

The core mission of Social Solutions, like Treadwell, is to empower nonprofits to capture and show their impact to the world. When we succeed together, our communities succeed. There is no organization that we would rather partner with to help achieve our combined missions.

Treadwell Services – What do you do?

At Treadwell, our consultants have decades of experience on all aspects of nonprofit performance management. We go beyond the technical work to help organizations prepare for the necessary culture shift that comes with new software.

With our experience, there is no implementation, reporting, configuration, Legacy-to-TouchPoints conversion, or training project that we haven’t completed on time, and under budget.  But the real value of our services is in our knowledge of various nonprofit industries and organizational cultures.

Every implementation project we do comes with our extensive knowledge – not just of ETO software and reporting, but the “how to do it right.”  There is a right way to go through the process, and we have honed our techniques and processes over more than a decade to ensure that all our clients succeed with their ETO systems.

Clients – Who do you serve?

There is nothing more valuable to a nonprofit than its internal staff. For that reason, we work to increase the internal capacity of our clients to be powerful ETO administrators and report writers. We work primarily with ETO Administrators to advance their skills in Configuration Strategy, Report Writing, User Training, Data Culture, and Implementation Process.

We have worked with nearly one thousand clients over the past decade from every corner of the nonprofit world, including Homelessness and Housing, Health and Human Services, Victims Services, Community Collaboratives, Child and Family Services, Justice Programs, Multi-Service organizations and Workforce Development.

We are excited to be a Certified Implementation Partner of Social Solutions and look forward to helping many more organizations!

Customer Testimonials

“Treadwell opens up the discussion in a way that encourages alternative thinking.  The team is very thoughtful in their approach toward design and has a thorough discovery process by which everyone leaves the experience with a greater understanding of how ETO can help inform and improve the work we do every day.”

– Barb Hadley, Project HOME

“The team explains things in a way that we can understand and is willing to equip us with the knowledge and skills to do it ourselves.”

– Melissa Buxton, “I Have a Dream” Oregon

About Treadwell

Treadwell, a Certified Implementation Partner for ETO®, is a professional services consulting firm based in Seattle and Baltimore, known for developing advanced and creative workflow and reporting to leverage the power of ETO® for its nonprofit clients.

Learn more at:

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