Interview with Shelly Johnson, Director of Apricot Essentials

Interview with Shelly Johnson, Director of Apricot Essentials

Have you signed up for a demo webinar of Apricot® Essentials? If not, what are you waiting for? Apricot Essentials is a high-value, low-cost case management solution designed with small nonprofits in mind. Essentials provides a mission-minded case management system that is easy to adopt and allows you to centralize your data, align your team, and prove your impact. The demo webinars are guided demos that allow you to take a deep dive into the product’s functionality, ask questions about specific features, and get an idea of how the software will perform for your organization.

We wanted to give you an exclusive look into Apricot Essentials and the daily demo webinar series. What better way to do that than to interview the Director of Apricot Essentials, Shelly Johnson?

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You’re uniquely acquainted with Apricot Essentials. Can you talk about your history with the product?

Shelly: I’ve been working with Apricot and Apricot Essentials in some capacity for almost 7 years. During my time with the product, I’ve personally implemented around 200 separate instances for various nonprofit organizations and through that, I’ve gotten a lot of insight into how to really hone in on the specific needs an organization has and educate leaders on how Essentials can fit within their operations. I’ve also had a lot of insight into the product itself by helping build out training modules, classes, and reports to better serve our client base.

Why is Apricot Essentials best suited for small nonprofits?

Shelly: We’ve made sure that once organizations have this tool, they are able to start using it very quickly. We understand that smaller nonprofits don’t have the time to sit down with someone and completely start their data management process from scratch. We created something where everything is already built out and easy enough to use so anyone with knowledge of how to use the internet and a web browser can jump right in. This is a good starting place for organizations to grow in their data journey and we want to facilitate that with Essentials. We’ve tried to build out this software so that once a nonprofit has it, they can start using it immediately. Then, once they get a feel for the product, they can customize the product and build on top of everything that they have already been using. Also, we’ve built the product so that anyone in the organization is able to use it, so organizations don’t have to rely on someone who has a specialized background in case management software.

What do you want to accomplish with the demo webinars?

Shelly: I’m excited for Apricot Essentials to be more readily accessible to a lot of different levels of nonprofit management. We schedule many of demos of the product, but often, key internal stakeholders aren’t able to attend them and since they’re so busy, it may take a while to get another demo scheduled. This way, since we are offering them daily, they will be able to find at least one that can fit into their busy schedules. The demo webinars are designed to be the beginning of their training experience, so we want to give everyone the opportunity to see what we have to offer. It also gives them an opportunity to see as much of the tool as possible so when they are ready to start using it and we hand them the keys to the castle, they already have the knowledge they need to get started.

What do you think nonprofit leaders will be most interested to see in the software?

Shelly: I think nonprofit leaders will resonate with the pre-built reports we offer in Apricot Essentials. The reporting functionality is something that many people are looking for in a data management tool. Essentials contains pre-built reports and they are all fully customizable. Again, we believe that our product is a great starting place for smaller nonprofits because they don’t have to build something from scratch. Rather, they have the opportunity to add fields, additional filters they may need, and any other additional information easily. We want organizations to use our product and customize it for their organization. We’ve done so much to ensure that Essentials is able to fit the needs for a wide range of nonprofit organizations and I think that the demo webinars will showcase that.

Don’t forget to sign up for one of the demo webinar sessions as the Apricot Essentials team discusses the ways it can help your organization deliver more mission. The demo webinars are help every day, so pick a time that works for your schedule!