Introducing the Impact Award Finalists: Part II

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Introducing the Impact Award Finalists: Part II

Welcome back! We are excited to introduce you to rest of our finalists for the Impact Award. 

The Lord’s Place

Cristina Lucier
Director of Data and Evaluation,
The Lord’s Place

The Lord’s Place serves 1,600 chronically homeless, formerly homeless and low-income adults and children annually in Palm Beach County, Florida. Through innovative, compassionate, and effective services, they work to break the cycle of homelessness in their community. ETO software enables The Lord’s Place to inform service delivery throughout their agency.

“Because The Lord’s Place offers such a wide variety of programs and services, data and technology plays an especially pivotal role in ensuring a smooth referral process from one program to another,” said Director of Data and Evaluation Cristina Lucier. “For example, the housing case manager may run a report in ETO that lists all of her new clients that have employment goals. From here, she can quickly and easily refer these clients to an employment specialist so that the clients can begin their journey to both housing stability and self-sufficiency as quickly as possible.”

The Lord’s Place believes that continuous quality improvement is essential to their mission. Data helps them coordinate this process regularly with their Housing, Employment, Clinical Services, Re-entry, Social Enterprise, and Women’s Services programs.

The San Diego Housing Commission Achievement Academy

Stephanie Murphy
Vice President of Workforce and Economic Development,
SDHC Achievement Academy

The San Diego Housing Commission Achievement Academy (SDHC Achievement Academy) uses ETO to provide Federal Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance recipients and public housing residents with a learning and resource center and computer lab with programs that emphasize career planning. By helping clients navigate areas like financial literacy, career development, education, and job training, the academy supports the SDHC’s mission to provide affordable, safe, and quality homes for low- and moderate-income San Diego families.

“All program initiatives are constantly evaluated using real-time data provided by ETO,” said Vice President of Workforce & Economic Development Stephanie Murphy. “For example, the SDHC Achievement Academy was able to change the scope of the 2Gen San Diego multigenerational program by evaluating the level of involvement from different family compositions. Families with smaller children were more engaged and needed more targeted services than families with young adults, so the focus of the program shifted to specifically work with families with younger children.”

For Stephanie and the entire organization, ETO software’s impact is clear: “The SDHC Achievement Academy is now better able to leverage resources to have a more significant impact.”

Power of Two

Steven Imrisek
Data and Evaluation Manager
Power of Two

Power of Two is the first organization to bring the Attachment and Bio-behavioral Catchup Program (ABC) to New York City on a large scale, serving foster children and children in high-risk communities. They work to reduce behavioral and emotional problems and regulate cortisol levels for the city’s most at-risk infants and young children.

ETO has been an invaluable tool for Power of Two. “Before ETO, we could only see very basic data about our performance,” said Data and Evaluation Manager Steven Imrisek. “It was hard to dig into the data to see what was really happening, so we had to make ballpark guesses. We are now able to tie these numbers to staff performance.”

Armed with a more accessible and complete set of data, Power of Two is growing its reputation for helping New York City’s youngest and most vulnerable population. “One of our funders regularly tells us that we are one of the most data-driven organizations they work with,” Imrisek said, “we have the ideas and curiosity, but without ETO we would not be able to put those into practice.”

Mercy Housing Inc.

Jane Graf
President & CEO
Mercy Housing Inc.

Mercy Housing Inc.’s mission is to create stable, vibrant, and healthy communities by developing, financing, and operating affordable housing for families and others who lack the economic resources to procure safe housing opportunities. Through their Resident Services, they work to provide their residents with a platform for success and connect them with programs and services that help them achieve their goals. Their transition to TouchPoints has buoyed their organization in a big way.

“We have recently switched to using TouchPoints and its dashboards so we can drive our work process and bring the important responses to the attention of our staff,” said Mercy Housing Inc Senior System Administrator Tabitha Zokaitis. “We recently used this data to secure over $30 million in funding to create new, affordable, and supportive housing in the Seattle area.”

In addition to procuring funding, their collected data helps Mercy Housing Inc. manage staffing, reach, and impact, as well as provide their data to other organizations that do similar work.

Jubilee Park

Jessica Miller
Quality Assurance and Data Manager
Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park uses ETO to support their efforts to revitalize and enrich the Southeast Dallas community. Focusing on a 62-block area, their holistic approach is catalyzed through individual and systemic change through five pillars: education, economic development, public safety, public health, and affordable housing.

Using ETO, Jubilee engages its clients with a variety of different programs and services to help bridge the technology gap between the neighborhood they serve and its surrounding neighbors. “Our ETO database allows Jubilee staff to input data for all programs,” said Jubilee Quality Assurance and Data Manager Jessica Miller. “This includes attendance, demographics, assessment scores, and case management notes. This system allows the Quality Assurance and Data Manager to quickly pull reports, analyze data, identify trends, make recommendations and provide accountability to goals.”

Their data-driven approach will help Jubilee continue its holistic, wrap-around services for both families and individuals as they work to revitalize Southeast Dallas.


The three winners of the Impact Award will be announced at the Social Solutions Impact Summit Welcome Party. Each winner will receive a grant for $2,500 from Social Solutions. Please join us in wishing each of our finalists good luck!

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