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Spreadsheet Alternatives for Nonprofits

Many nonprofits rely on manual processes to capture data, and they rely on programs like Excel or Google Docs to hold their data. While capturing data this way can be useful in the early days of your organization, it can eventually bring your growth to a grinding halt. Fortunately, there are Excel alternatives for nonprofits. Using Excel and other, …

Social Solutions and Ballmer Group Announce Partnership

Social Solutions is excited to partner with the Ballmer Group to enhance performance outcomes in the social sector. Sign up here to receive regular updates on program details and matching grants that can help bring the power of Apricot software to your nonprofit or public sector agency. Read more about our partnership in Bloomberg.

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Nonprofit Arena

Rewind 20 years. Someone starts talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). You think they’re a lunatic, but you also begin imagining big, bulky robots inhabiting our universe and taking over the world! (Thanks, Hollywood). These days, you’re beginning to hear more and more about the capabilities of AI and how it’s revolutionizing the way we do …