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Why Hasn’t Your Nonprofit Adopted a Case Management Solution? (and Here’s Why It Should)

Are you an expert in your field? The funny thing about the nonprofit sector is that you can be so well-versed in your profession, but, at the same time, can feel like you’re just starting off—a fresh newbie! Why is that? Well, in the past few years, the sector has been innovating and evolving at warp speed. To be frank, it’s really, really difficult …

Data Silos — The Problem With Data Isolation

Organizations that commit themselves to being high-performing collect and interpret data about the communities they serve. They translate this data from outputs to outcomes, using their information to better help communities. Keeping track of outcomes can lead to more grants and many other benefits, but one pitfall organizations can fall into is their …

How Your Data can Make the Biggest Impact

With fiscal year-end rapidly approaching, it’s time for many nonprofits to collect all the data they’ve accumulated over the past year and report on it for funders and stakeholders. This data is clearly important for a lot of different reasons, but if presented in the right way, using data visualization, it could potentially lead to more funding …

Is Your Organization Ready for Fiscal Year End?

Fiscal year-end for nonprofit organizations is just around the corner. Now is the time for organizations (like yours!) to gather key data and stories from the past fiscal year and prove that the methods and practices they have in place are working for their constituents. Along with that, it’s time to think about the year ahead and figure out ways …
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