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Get That Grant: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Grants for Nonprofits

Grants for nonprofits are a great way to obtain additional funds for your next fundraising campaign. By now, you’re almost a whiz kid at this—you know the tricks to getting that funder’s attention and how to stand out in the grant application process. While you know the key steps to shining in the pool of grant applications, you also need to learn …

Infographic: Nonprofit Reporting in the Digital Age

Technology plays an important part in our lives – it impacts daily communication, banking, and even the day-to-day functions of your nonprofit. Within the last few years, the technological revolution has offered new options when it comes to how your nonprofit operates. Learn more about operational software and how case management software can help …

Best Practices for Domestic Violence Service Delivery

Nonprofits that focus on working with survivors of domestic violence face a specific set of hurdles that they must overcome. Not only are there specific reporting requirements that need to be met in order to receive funding, serving your clients to the best of your ability  include holding yourself to a high standard. Knowing and operating with best …

Why Should Nonprofits Consider Impact Reporting?

In the nonprofit world, every organization strives for change—change for a better world and change in the name of social good—and every nonprofit seeks donors who will support and donate to their causes. But in order to find those quality long-term donors that nonprofits look for, nonprofits need to understand that, in this day and age, donors need …
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