Brandraising – What’s Next For Your Organization?

Brandraising – What’s Next For Your Organization?

Whats Next For Your Org_BlogIs the End of Brandraising in Sight?

Picture this. Your organization decided to invest in brandraising and have gone through the steps of making it happen. Your organization and its leadership have undergone tremendous efforts to raise your brand and reinforce it to the community. You’re in the home stretch and sliding onto home plate. But, wait – what now? Is your job done?

The short answer is no, not even close. Brandraising is an ongoing, important process that nonprofits should undertake. But once the heavy lifting is done, it’s time to switch gears. Now the focus is not to get your name and mission out to the community. It’s now to maintain your reputation and consistently stay in-line with your message. It sounds simple, but often, it’s the hardest step to follow. There are many reasons why nonprofit brands start to get off message, but the main two reasons are:

  • Organization leadership gets busier, the initiative falls to the wayside
  • Messaging becomes more and more off target over time with the addition of new employees, programs, etc.

“Hard Work is Never Done”

As the saying goes, hard work is never done. That goes double for your brandraising efforts. The only way to combat this slippage is to continuously reevaluate and stand in tune with your brand and your story. It is, of course, easier said than done, but here are some tips to continue on with your brandraising journey:

  1. When reporting, while you’re capturing important program metrics, key in on important social and community metrics as well
  2. Reevaluate your programs and the work your organization does for the community. When do this, make sure that everything is on-brand and consistent with your message
  3. If you do see any inconsistencies, work with your leadership team to get back on track as quickly and efficiently as possible

It seems like the upkeep of your brand would be the simple part, but it’s surprisingly easy to lose track of important things that aren’t being monitored closely.

Again, once everyone in an organization is on the same page as far as your message is concerned, it instills confidence in the community and gives your brand more legitimacy. To maintain that confidence, and your clients’ trust in your services, keeping up with this work is essential. Your brand will thank you and so will your community.