Your Brand Needs You: Why Brandraising Is Important

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Your Brand Needs You: Why Brandraising Is Important

Your Brand Needs You: Why Brandraising Is ImportantDoes Your Nonprofit ‘Brand’ Need a Boost?

This goes without saying, but your nonprofit’s mission is incredibly important. It might be difficult, however, to get the exposure in your community that you need, which could affect your intake rate. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe there’s an abundance of similar nonprofits in the same area or perhaps your organization is relatively new. Whatever the reason, the odds may seem stacked against your organization, making it difficult to get your message out there.  So, what’s holding your nonprofit back from getting more exposure in your space? That may not an easy question to answer, but there is an easy solution: brandraising.

Brandraising, a term coined by Sarah Durham, is the process of taking your message and story, reevaluating it, and conveying it to your community in a compelling way. It’s a strategic plan to make your organization stand out against the sea of nonprofits that do your same work. So, you can’t get away with just posting a tweet and crossing your fingers – it’s an investment. The investment involves a little money, but the true, and most valuable, investment is time. It’s important for any organization trying to build up their brand to take the time to evaluate their values, mission, and overall brand and use that as a baseline.

Why Brandraising Matters

The key is to not create a new identity within your space, but to reinforce who your organization is and use that to set yourself apart from the crowd. Once your message is set and you start to advertising it, it will trickle down to your day to day communications and stick with your audience. Your story matters – use that to your advantage.

Speaking of advantages, there are countless that happen once a nonprofit invests in its branding. These advantages include:

  1. Your client-facing messaging is going to be more consistent once your message is set and you start advertising it
  2. Once you enforce the new messaging, everyone – from leadership to front line staff – will start using this consistent messaging.  This will make your mission seem more established to your audience
  3. Using a consistent message inspires confidence in donors, partners, and other audiences, opening up your organization to more funding

Investing in brandraising efforts is essential for any nonprofit struggling to get their impact known to their community. The investment is an important first step to understanding your brand in order to get more recognition in your space. The exposure of your message will give the community insight into what your organization does. But, more importantly, it gives your organization the opportunity to deliver more of the mission that you offer.

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