What can you Learn From Award-Winning Nonprofits?

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What can you Learn From Award-Winning Nonprofits?

If you’re looking to take your nonprofit to the next level, looking to fellow nonprofits with proven track records is a helpful thing to do. Learning from award-winning nonprofits about the things they do in their daily operations, and about what they value most in their service delivery can help your nonprofit grow and develop into something greater. Standing out in the crowd can make all the difference — but how can you do that?

1. Commit to Data

How do award-winning nonprofits start their journey? They commit to data! In order to prove their impact, and use their outcomes to make more informed decisions about their service delivery, nonprofits need to have consistent, high-quality data to work from. Consistent data helps show how effective your impact is, and having that to show possible award committees will put your nonprofit to join the league of award-winning nonprofits!

2. Focus on Outcomes

Award-winning nonprofits know the difference between detailing outputs and showcasing their outcomes! 88% of the decision-makers say that outcomes are a big factor in effective impact reporting. There’s a difference between detailing your outputs, and showcasing your outcomes! The more of an impact you can prove to decision-makers, the better place your nonprofit will be in to potentially win an award when you apply.

3. Tell Powerful Stories

Committing to data and focusing on outcomes, as any award-winning nonprofits would tell you, puts you in the best position to tell a powerful story. When award committees look for nonprofits make the most impact, being able to tell an impactful story can make your nonprofit memorable. Using data to back up the story you’re telling, you can show just how much you change lives.

Learning from award-winning nonprofits can help take your nonprofit to the next level. Taking the steps they did can only put you in a better position to become an award-winning nonprofit yourself. Ready to see what else they can teach you? Download the Award-Winning Nonprofit Kit today!

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