Why Hasn’t Your Nonprofit Adopted a Case Management Solution? (and Here’s Why It Should)

Are you an expert in your field? The funny thing about the nonprofit sector is that you can be so well-versed in your profession, but, at the same time, can feel like you’re just starting off—a fresh newbie! Why is that? Well, in the past few years, the sector has been innovating and evolving at warp speed. To be frank, it’s really, really difficult …

Why We’re Investing $59 Million to Make It Easier for Social Workers to Do More Good

Social Solutions is excited to be partnering with the Ballmer Group and to be featured in a recent article, originally posted by the Chronicle of Philanthropy and written by the Ballmer Group founders Connie and Steve Ballmer. Read below to learn more about this new partnership, and sign up here to receive regular updates on program details and matching …

Social Solutions and Ballmer Group Announce Partnership

Social Solutions is excited to partner with the Ballmer Group to enhance performance outcomes in the social sector. Sign up here to receive regular updates on program details and matching grants that can help bring the power of Apricot software to your nonprofit or public sector agency. Read more about our partnership in Bloomberg.

How Technology Has Shaped the Nonprofit Landscape

It seems like the world has undergone a drastic makeover in the last decade or so. Technology has been gradually and continuously evolving since its inception, but it seems that it has been traveling at warp speed lately. Ten years ago, it was a luxury to have a laptop or a mobile phone—who would have thought that humans would have these types of …