Managing to Workforce Outcomes

With ETO® for Workforce

ETO® SOFTWARE offers WIOA compliant and other workforce solutions that help state
and local staff, administrators and managers achieve employment outcomes for
both job seekers and employers.


Go beyond simple task monitoring to effective case management to ensure job seekers receive the education, skills training and guided support they need to secure well-paying jobs. ETO for Workforce includes a host of features that facilitate the efficient management of individual and group services through automated program eligibility determination, training plan creation, service tracking and targeted job announcements.

Collect and use real time data to obtain visibility into individual and aggregate job seeker activities and outcomes across workforce programs. ETO for Workforce includes customizable dashboards and charts that provide instant feedback on workforce progress to help drive performance and effectively target program activities.

Aggregate and organize data to meet reporting requirements in response to the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Preconfigured reports based on Federal performance indicators ensure your ability to monitor progress, adjust efforts and fulfill compliance and outcomes reporting requirements.

With ETO for Workforce, you obtain a robust software product that scales easily to your evolving needs, and stays current with changes at the Federal level. Let ETO for Workforce give you the tools you need to manage, grow and support the achievement of your Workforce goals!




ETO’s highly configurable workforce solutions include a number of products specifically designed to meet the varying needs of workforce programs; from local non-profits, to mid-level Workforce Investment Boards, to statewide efforts that respond to WIOA performance and reporting requirements.

Our products have been thoroughly researched and preconfigured to reflect core program areas, common administrative tasks and performance reporting requirements, taking the guesswork out of system design. Instead, implementation efforts can focus on adapting the chosen solution to the unique needs of local and state programs. Moreover, our integrated labor exchange provides critical information on industry-based skills requirements and employment opportunities, giving states all the tools they need to successfully meet WIOA performance goals.

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ETO for Workforce

ETO for Workforce is an advanced software solution designed to address the workforce program management and reporting requirements set forth in the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

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ETO for Workforce Initiators provide starter configurations for individual program areas that can be tailored to meet local workforce management and reporting needs.