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Find data sheets, case studies, and other information about ETO software. You’ll learn why other high-performing human and social services agencies selected our case management software and how it helped simplify reporting and enhance program outcomes.

Performance Management Software Solutions for Social & Human Services

Can a human services case management software actually help nonprofit organizations connect efforts to outcomes, demonstrate progress, and acquire more funding? The answer: YES!

Addressing our country’s social issues requires that we use available resources more effectively. As a result, donors are seeking to fund human services organizations most likely to generate social value. Those most likely to succeed are organizations with a clear understanding of the effectiveness of their efforts and the willingness to use this information to make program adjustments to continuously improve through performance management.

Performance Management Software

Performance management software helps human services organizations capture “what works.” Whether it’s impacting progress towards self-sufficiency for a client, providing the right tools and training for frontline staff, or structuring programs to optimize their effectiveness, performance management—the relentless attention to how efforts relate to outcomes—provides you with insight into how to measure and effect change, and share this exciting discovery with your funders, your community and other service providers in your field, for the betterment of all. Use this human services software to report on client outcomes and implement continuous quality improvement!

Case Management Software

Establish more meaningful outcomes without expending extra resources. Intelligent case management software gives program managers quick and useful reporting to support continuous quality improvement, and motivates case managers by providing easy ways to monitor clients’ progress and tailor their efforts to client needs. Optimize effectiveness and demonstrate to funders why your agency is a better investment.


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