Social Solutions’ Product Suite can serve organizations of all sizes and needs.

Are you with a large nonprofit or government
agency that strives to manage to outcomes?
Are you with a mid-sized nonprofit that strives to measure impact?
Are you with a small nonprofit that wants more
efficient reporting?


Data management, case management, and outcomes management software

Helps you manage to outcomes and engage in continuous quality improvement

ETO is the best choice for organizations with budgets of $8 million or more

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We made the decision to go with Social Solutions. Now we’re really digging in and finding it provides the kind of information we need to make decisions, to see outcomes, to measure performance. And, that’s the power. That’s what we wanted.

— Cindy Crain, Executive Director, Tarrant County Homeless Coalition

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Data management and case management software

Helps you measure outcomes and demonstrate results

Apricot is the best choice for organizations with budgets of $1 to $8 million

With the Apricot System, it has truly saved me a lot of time in preparing for my site visits. Before, I would have to compare stacks of paper from one month to the next month. But with Apricot, I’m able to find… any changes that have been made. That has truly been a great experience.

— LaChandra Calhoun, LINC Educare Initiative

Data management software

Helps you improve efficiency of data management and reporting

Apricot Essentials is the best choice for organizations with budgets up to $1 million

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The whole focus of your work is trying to accomplish a certain mission… you have to spend your time focused on your mission and the software needs to be real easy for you to use. Like having the right tools for the right job.

— Brad Pierson, Clinical Director, SIMS Foundation

We serve small to large nonprofits and government agencies.