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Pay for Performance/Pay for Success Models

Because of the decrease in availability of revenue for both private and public funders, creative ideas and models are being put forth to deliver services to the “hardest to serve” populations.

These models are based on grant payments being made at milestones achieved during specific time frames instead of prior to services being delivered.

Our biggest success has really come from being able to use ETO to integrate data into the daily running of the programs.

Analissa Iversen, Evaluation
United Teen Equality Center

The Pay for Performance concept is catching on in the U.S. A stagnant economy, a $1.3 trillion federal deficit, and serious budget pressures across various states and localities are conspiring to fuel legislatures and demand a change of tack in approaches to social spending. This can be seen with private funders as well, as donations and investments are down from prior years.

In Workforce Development this is translating into grant payments being leveraged at placement and retention milestones instead of just being based on completion of a training and job readiness program.

Being able to successfully document enrollment, job readiness training, placement and retention services, means that not only will your clients receive a results driven professional experience, but your agency will be timely compensated to insure the continued growth and success of your programs.

ETO Workforce Development software is specifically designed to manage the complexities of a Pay for Performance grant. In addition to tracking the client’s availability, skills, knowledge and experience, ETO has the capability to manage the employer’s needs and requirements as well. This leads to greater success in “placing the right candidate the first time.” As a result, the client and the employer have a working relationship that leads to a longer and more successful retention.

Trying to track retention and wages can be a challenge for any organization. In the Pay for Performance model, it is even more important to report retention in a timely manner. Milestones based on either time worked, and or wages earned, can be calculated in ETO and downloaded into reports to document completion of events such as retention at 30, 90 or 180 days, at an average wage.

ETO’s reporting tool, SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence (WEBI), will produce professional, accurate, eye-catching reports that can be used in helping secure additional grant funding so your organization can grow and deliver services to a larger population.

Workforce Development Software That Supports Payment Points

With its powerful tracking, reporting and sophisticated analysis at every phase of workforce development, Effort to Outcomes (ETOTM) Workforce software helps you record the daily efforts of your job coaches and measure the impact your program is having on your participants at easily-configurable payment points in core program areas such as:

  • Training completion
  • Job readiness/Employment preparation Quickly evaluate client needs with a simple assessment; track client progress towards training and employment credentials
  • Job placement Engage prospective employers in the process; easily refer clients to your own or external programs; dramatically increase the quantity and quality of your workforce development agency’s job placements
  • Job retention Monitor and report on job retention rate after 30 days, 60 days, and multiple, other critical time periods; instantly compute quantity and type of benefits for your entire client base or for subpopulations within the communities you serve (e.g. persons with disabilities, at-risk youth, adult ex-offenders)
  • Benefits received and hours logged
  • Employment advancement

Your agency can then leverage that information to improve workforce development services.

ETO Workforce is the ideal workforce development software solution for facilitating placements, whether your organization drives competitive or supported employment.

Managing the Employer Relationship

Successful workforce development services require relationships built on service, trust and the ability to match the strengths of the candidate with the needs of the employer. ETO Workforce software facilitates job matching through its repository of key data on both employers and candidates:

Contact namesRequired identification documents
Qualifiers, e.g. drug testing or background checksCertification documents
Skills needed to perform the workSkill sets with at least 6 months experience
Dress Up to date resume, with education and training information
Shifts Availability
Access to public transportationUse of a vehicle for transportation
Site locations
Lifting restrictions

In addition, ETO software will help you manage the whole placement process to include job readiness status, resume submittal, interviews, evaluations, job placement documentation and tracking and monitoring job retention with both the employer and the job candidate.

Following this process leads to more successful job placements which strengthen your employer relationships. This, in turn, results in more, better job opportunities for your clients. Through ETO Workforce’s dynamic reporting capability you will also be able to document these successes and identify barriers holding you back from even greater levels of performance.

Performance Management Software for Workforce Development

Effective workforce development software is a tremendous asset to non profit organizations and government agencies alike, helping them track and improve services and report impact to their funders and other key stakeholders.

Social Solutions was founded by three human service professionals, each with more than 8 years of workforce development experience at non profit organizations, who designed ETO software out of a desire to know for themselves and to demonstrate to others the positive impact they were having on the individuals they served.

With thousands of customers, years of experience, and a passion for increasing the effectiveness of human service organizations, Social Solutions will help you design a software solution that tracks your job placement, job retention and employer relationships across all payment points.

Performance management software is the glue that binds intended outcomes to the effectiveness of service delivery, and transforms data into knowledge about the actual outcomes of the hard work you put into your workforce development program.

Grant-writers have recognized the ease with which they can secure funding when able to demonstrate their organization’s ability to manage to workforce development outcomes, and the increased program effectiveness proves itself at the payment points of existing contracts!

Prove how effectively you’re bridging the gap between each job-seeker’s skill level and local industry need—and identify where you can improve even further.

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