Foundation + Federal Government Grants = $123,000,000 for Outcomes-Driven Nonprofits

Foundation + Federal Government Grants = $123,000,000 for Outcomes-Driven Nonprofits

Earlier this week, April Rose, our Director of Integrated Youth Services, discussed in very real terms the critical role non profit performance management plays in changing the odds for America’s youth in at-risk communities across the country. As part of this discussion she mentioned Social Solutions’ experience with Harlem Children’s Zone® and the Department of Education’s Promise Neighborhoods Initiative, one of several federal government grant programs utilizing performance management for place-based, integrated social services.

If you missed the opportunity to apply to be a Promise Neighborhood, there are still numerous federal grant opportunities available to support and grow your efforts. Today, I’ll highlight the Social Innovation Fund (SIF), an outcomes-based effort administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

The SIF represents a $123 million dollar investment in the nonprofit sector, taken from both public and private sources (in a $50M/$73M split). This investment is designed to grow programs that have demonstrated effectiveness in addressing health, economic and youth needs in their communities. Intermediary organizations have already competed as federal grant applicants to CNCS and the recently-announced winners will be responsible for disbursing the bulk of SIF’s funding to nonprofit subgrantees. These intermediaries have demonstrated their ability to recognize and prioritize high-performing organizations, and will be disbursing funds to the winning nonprofit applicants accordingly.

Some intermediaries even included compelling subgrantees in their own applications to CNCS. Venture Philanthropy Partners, for instance, has already allocated $500,000 of its $4M to Social Solutions customer Latin American Youth Center (LAYC—a White House favorite, check them out).

You can find a full listing of the 11 intermediary recipients of this federal government grant program, how much they are responsible for disbursing to subgrantees, how much has already been allocated and to which subgrantees on CNCS’ website. You’ll find a number of Social Solutions customers on this list and I would be remiss if I did not offer my congratulations to them here: Cheers, Local Initiative Support Coalition (LISC), LAYC and REDF!

These organizations are luminaries of performance management and we’re excited for whomever LISC and REDF choose as their nonprofit subgrantees!

The Social Innovation Fund is not the only federal government grant program with an emphasis on demonstrated outcomes. Stay tuned for more information about federal grant opportunities, and other insights into how the shift to outcomes-based service and philanthropy is transforming human services.

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Contributed by Christopher Frascella, Policy Analyst

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