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Prove YWCA Impact with Apricot Client & Service Tracking

The YWCA represents 2 million women, girls and their families in the United States and 25 million women worldwide. The YWCA has almost 250 associations across the United States and can also be found in more than 100 countries. The YWCA USA is one of the oldest and largest women’s organizations in the nation. YWCA organizations across the US utilize Apricot YWCA software for their data tracking, case management, and output and outcome reporting needs.

Eliminating racism and empowering women are Hallmark Programs of the YWCA. The programs administered at your local YWCA carry out this mission and are what distinguishes the YWCA from other organizations. Apricot Software is specially designed to support the special information management requirements of signature YWCA programs and services.

Apricot Software is a comprehensive, flexible database that not only captures participant, outcome and user satisfaction data, but also data on services provided to each participant (i.e., case management notes, referrals, attendance, special achievements, parent involvement, etc.). Evaluation data is used for program monitoring, modification, and reporting. Participant demographic reports are generated monthly so that accuracy of data can be verified.; Outcome data is analyzed periodically on a performance-to-goal basis.; Services are adjusted based on program results, trends and emerging needs. At year-end, a comprehensive performance report is prepared for each YWCA program, project/initiative and administrative unit.

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Domestic Violence and Other HUD-Related Reporting

Local YWCAs provide services to meet the needs of women in their communities. Depending on local programs, these may include: child care, rape crisis intervention, domestic violence assistance, and shelters for domestic violence victims and their families. Apricot enables service, shelter and housing YWCA providers to collect and share information about the homeless individuals and families seeking services. Unlike other legacy systems, Apricot is fully scalable, designed with the newest software development tools, and built on the most recent HUD data standards.


Complete Case Management for All YWCA Human Services

Apricot Software offers all the case management technology tools that your YWCA needs – whether job training, career counseling, entrepreneurial training for teens and fitness training or the number and type of funders: duplicate check intake; household linking; appointment scheduling; release forms; service referrals; goal planning and implementation; program enrollment; and, progress evaluation and outcomes.


The State–of-the-Art Software Solution for YWCAs Across the US

Apricot Software is an economical and highly efficient human services software solution for YWCA that can be accessed via a secure, user name and password-protected online interface. By providing Apricot Software via the internet, organizations do not have to invest in additional and expensive software, hardware or IT staff. The Apricot Software provides 24/7 support, continuous backup, guaranteed security in both data transfer and storage and 100% disaster recovery