Urban League Software

Prove Impact for Urban League Affiliates

Reporting for local, regional, federal, United Way, and National Urban League funding is an easy, streamlined process with Apricot Software. Apricot is specifically designed to address the unique data collection and impact reporting needs of ULAs across the country. Tracking impact and Outcomes Achievement™ is critical to all Urban League affiliates, and Apricot makes it easy to prove you make a difference! All affiliates provide case management as a component of best practice, family-centric service delivery – Apricot Software is the solution that specifically addresses the case management and outcomes reporting of your Urban League.

The flexibility of Apricot’s user interfaces enabled HAUL to design and develop an end-to-end logic workflow providing the capability to track initial client contact, needs assessment, service delivery, follow up and closure. In addition to these critical phases of case management, the customized process provides the ability to analyze staff performance using the application’s user log on identification features. The online application intake process developed using Apricot provided the technology to help the agency provide improved reporting for clients served. HAUL experienced staff reduction over a two year period without any significant impact to client record tracking. During this same period, HAUL was able to manage the 12% increase in clients served which were a result of contracts serving hurricane victims.

Jerry Bluitt, Former Director of Program Development
Houston Area Urban League (HAUL)


National Urban League’s Reporting Requirements

NUL funds more than $25 MM to Affiliates in widely varying programs – all as a part of the NUA 5 Point Strategy. Reporting requirements for Affiliates can be demanding and many Affiliates feel a bit overwhelmed by the challenge. Apricot Software can handle all the tracking, collaboration and impact reporting in these key areas, and more: Entrepreneurship and Business Development; Health and Quality of Life; Housing; Work Force Development; and, Education and Youth Development.


Case Management for Urban League Human Service Organizations

Apricot Software offers all the case management technology tools that your Urban League needs – no matter what the service or the number and type of funders: duplicate check intake; household linking; appointment scheduling; release forms; service referrals; goal planning and implementation; program enrollment; and, progress evaluation and outcomes.


Best of Breed Software Solution for Urban Leagues

Apricot Software is an economical and highly efficient human services solution for nonprofits that can be accessed via a secure, user name and password-protected online interface. By providing Apricot Software via the internet, organizations do not have to invest in additional and expensive software, hardware or IT staff. Apricot Software provides 24/7 support, continuous backup, guaranteed security in both data transfer and storage and 100% disaster recovery. Apricot is also Safe Harbor and UK Protection Act complaint.