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Best of Breed United Way Community Impact Measurement

The United Way Worldwide Framework seeks to measure, evaluate, communicate, and readjust based upon the data – a clear mandate to focus on impact. In support of UWW, United Way funding organizations often require that funded organizations define program/project success, understand the components and process of success, prove program/project success, and make informed decisions about future programming and resource allocation. Apricot for Funders, Social Solutions’ United Way Software System designed specifically to support United Way’s Worldwide framework, provides the technology tools necessary to easily implement and manage the UW impact focus.

Take Control of the United Way Grant Application Process

Social Solutions understands how United Ways do their work, what drives their activities and what information they need to collect and report in order to increase capacity, support all constituents and stakeholders, and prove community impact – utilizing flexible, multiple or single online grant application and funded partner reporting tools. The user-friendly online grant application and allocations process empowers nonprofits to better qualify for more and larger grants/donations from all funders, including United Way, through proof of impact and mission success. Apricot for Funders has been chosen by over 100 United Way organizations to support and maximize their automated, web-based grants management procedures.

The Social Solutions on-line program was enthusiastically received by volunteers and human service professionals alike as it made the process more understandable and user friendly…

Scott N. Lowery, Executive Director
Lycoming County United Way


Helping You Prove United Way Community Impact

Social Solutions is dedicated to providing the exact technology tools and guidance needed to support the United Way systematic data gathering process, thus providing the information necessary to define program and project success, track activities and results and make the informed decisions necessary to improve programs and United Way impact.

Social Solutions currently offers 100 organizations an online, user-friendly United Way grant application solution. Apricot Software supports web-based grant design, completion and submission, with automated, scalable, and single or multiple grant application capabilities— tracking applications in progress, submission, review and acceptance using reports and e-mail triggers.

Apricot’s United Way allocations tools offer online, simplified support of your procedures, including custom-built data collection forms and automatic emails that advise submitters, staff and volunteers of task completions. Apricot provides you with the highest visibility to the community impact process.


A United Way Database Built For Impact Measurement

At last, a complete software system designed by United Way executives for United Ways – Apricot for Funders. Apricot for Funders completely supports United Way community impact measurement protocols and goals, initial and ongoing impact measurement and the entire United Way outcomes process. Apricot provides flexible reporting that includes outcomes measurement charts and graphs, so you can tell the community impact story.

Apricot for Funders software and technology services can facilitate the collection of timely information from United Way agencies and partners, facilitate and streamline the grant making process, and vastly improve UWs ability to get results and tell the story of impact to donors, funders, and community stakeholders.


Volunteer Tracking

The successful design, roll out and maintenance of a complete United Way community impact measurement process is impossible without volunteer management. Apricot for Funders volunteer management software provides ease of use, accessibility, scheduling tools and a United Way “home” for your volunteers. Your volunteers’ outcomes are always reflected in your performance reporting.

Social Solutions is Committed to United Way Organizations

President of the Social Solutions Nonprofit Division, Kathryn Engelhardt-Cronk, is a former United Way executive, with over 20 years of both hands-on and executive management experience. Because of these roots, Kathryn has her heart in the United Way model of community impact and service and is passionate about the work of United Ways. Social Solutions sees itself as a partner as much as a vendor in contributing to UW mission success.