Apricot Training and Support Model

Apricot has been designed to be completely transparent, intuitive, and accessible for all levels of users in your nonprofit. One of our core goals is to empower our customer agencies – both Apricot Users and Apricot Software Administrators – with the tools and “know-how” they need to be successful and adaptive as their programs evolve.

Social Solutions provides unlimited weekly, live training webinars and access to a help center for all users of your Apricot Software – both staff end-users and Apricot Software administrators. These include the Basic How-To for all Users, as well as Administrative training on Form Design, Reporting Tools, and Advanced Features. In addition, periodic Enhancement webinars are offered in coordination with new feature releases and product upgrades. Recorded versions of these trainings are available at all times for staff that are unable to attend the live webinars. The Apricot Help Center contains detailed, graphical step-by-step Help documents on every aspect of the Apricot system, complete with an index and keyword search.

This suite of initial and ongoing training resources is designed to integrate new members of your organization into the Apricot system and support evolving requirements. Our goal: provide a platform for Apricot Software Administrators to grow your Apricot system.

  • Dedicated to getting you up and running fast
  • Unlimited weekly live training webinars for both users and Apricot Software Administrators
  • Help Center with access to previous training recordings and enhancement/feature documentation


Once you have selected Apricot or ETO as the solution to best help your organization achieve its mission, you need a services team that brings proven experience, a proven methodology, plenty of best practices, and a guiding hand to make sure your solution easier to use, manage, and achieve the best outcomes for your programs and initiatives.
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Organization-Specific Dedicated On-Site/Remote Training

As part of your nonprofit’s implementation, you may elect to purchase a two-day, in person, onsite training at your offices. This onsite consultation will provide specific administrative level training and strategic planning of the Apricot data management system. On-sites are also often used by nonprofits to provide basic, end-user training in a face-to-face environment (at your request).

You may also elect to purchase additional on-site or remote strategic consultation and trainings for your Apricot Software administrators and leadership, as well as dedicated refresher trainings for staff end-users.

  • Implementation options available based on your unique organizational needs
  • Onsite consultation available for administrative level as well as deeper strategic planning

Apricot Certified Expert (ACE) Training

Apricot Certified Expert (ACE) training for Apricot Software administrators, at the Social Solutions offices in Austin, is offered semi-annually, as well. Social Solutions’ goal is to provide the support you need as you experience changes in personnel and/or program structure.

Additional training available for different user levels, based on knowledge needed
Multiple training events provided to ensure that all users and Apricot Software Administrators have the opportunity to get deep product knowledge from staff trainers

Technical Support

Social Solutions provides unlimited support on all technical issues regarding your Apricot system. Technical issues are handled primarily via email so that the support team can quickly respond to all support tickets and transfer/escalate detailed information to the engineering team as needed. A 24/7 emergency hotline is available outside of business hours.


Social Solutions guarantees 99% up-time on Apricot Software. There is a maximum 24-hour turn-around on issues resulting in a system block-out, though matters of this nature are rare and resolved as quickly as possible.

  • 99% up-time on Apricot Software, guaranteed!
  • Early notification of system upgrades
  • Maximum 24 hour turn-around on system block-outs!

The flexible Apricot development environment allows Social Solutions to release updates on an “agile” schedule; Apricot upgrades take place automatically, outside of regular business hours, and at no extra cost. The typical upgrade schedule is once every 8 weeks. All Apricot users are provided with 3 business days’ advance notice of the upgrade, and training webinars on the product enhancements are offered in conjunction with these updates. At the actual time of the upgrade, Social Solutions runs a system audit to determine any users currently logged in. Social Solutions attempts to reach out to these users individually to warn of the pending upgrade and prevent loss of unsaved information.