Reentry Services

Build Safer and Stronger Communities

Social Solutions, with our premier case management, service, and outcomes tracking and reporting Apricot Software, is proud to partner with many re-entry organizations across the US and the UK.

Apricot Software supports you in delivering more mission — creating safer and stronger communities by providing ex-offenders opportunities and means to become productive, contributing members of society.

Track What Matters to Your Organization with Apricot Software

Each re-entry services nonprofit offers their own unique array of programs, including (but not limited to): Intensive Case Management; Group Services; State ID/Birth Certificate; Supportive Housing; Literacy/GED Classes; HIV Testing and Peer Education; Mental and/or Physical Health Care; Job Training and Placement; and, Mentoring or Support Groups. In the past, it has been a challenge to find comprehensive, flexible, affordable software to track what matters – no longer! Apricot Software is designed to support re-entry programs and services.

Collaborate with Ease to Provide a Full Array of Services and Coordinate with All Stakeholders

A network of support better prepares ex-offenders for their reintroduction into society. Social Solutions has designed Apricot Software to specifically enable collaboration best practices in design, implementation and technology tools for results-based service delivery. Social Solutions offers a variety of Apricot Software case management and collaborative services impact reporting solutions, including implementation, training, and consulting services, all based on your organization’s specific needs and goals.

Apricot Software offers all the technology tools that your collaboration needs – no matter what the service or the number and type of funders: duplicate check intake; household linking; appointment scheduling; release forms; service referrals; goal planning and implementation; program enrollment; and, progress evaluation and outcomes. Communication support tools such as bulletin boards, reminders, calendars and dashboards are standard!


Performance Management and Outcomes Reporting with Apricot Software

Apricot tracking and reporting is completely flexible, providing the outcome and impact modules you require, avoiding ineffective ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions to the collaboration outcomes challenge. Prove your impact and build on your best-practice service provision. Grow your funding base by proving results in easy-to-use charts and graph outcome reports – no matter how many funders or what the reporting requirements.


HUD-Related Reporting Requirements Met

Apricot enables service, shelter and housing providers to collect and share information about the ex-confinees and their families. Unlike other legacy systems, Apricot is fully scalable, designed with the newest software development tools, and built on the most recent HUD data standards.