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Harness the Power of Non Profit Outcomes Assessment Software

Having intuitive, accurate non-profit outcomes assessment software is imperative for any case manager, social, or human services organization—yet few are harnessing this technology. Without a performance management or case management software, measuring the effectiveness of your efforts and understanding where improvements can be made to better deliver community aide, becomes difficult.

The rest of this page discusses the importance of outcomes measurement and assessment for non-profit organizations. It also describes some specific non-profit outcomes assessment software products that could be relevant to you, and provides examples of how organizations are using them to provide better services. If you would like to speak with a non profit software consultant regarding your specific situation, please contact us here.

Why is Outcomes Assessment Software So Important?

Continual Growth.

Entities that provide social services are required to constantly improve operations in order to meet the regularly changing needs of their clients.

Our Efforts to Outcomes (ETO™) case management software makes it possible for program case managers to be able to evaluate their programs and the services rendered in order to benefit program participants.

Program participants are best served through data tracking and analysis, attendance monitoring and management of personal history related to service needs. Dissection of these critical areas allows for ideal distribution of services that will result in positive outcomes and improved quality of life for program participants.

With increased awareness and collaboration among program case managers and directors, as well as other key personnel, non-profit outcomes assessment software becomes influential in shaping organizational optimization.


Data collection and assessing the outcome of efforts made are key aspects of operating human services groups.

Our good non-profit outcomes assessment software makes it possible to streamline the management of information regarding program participants and efforts made. When gathered over the course of a given period, data can display trends and highlight information that can be applied to enhance the success of organizational missions.

The data collected regarding program efforts and the corresponding outcomes assessment simplifies the process, improving any non profit organization.  The responsibility of meeting reporting requirements to program evaluators, funders and granters can be easily completed through the reports generated.  This allows for future efforts to secure more funding to occur with fewer complications when the time arises.

Outcomes assessment software designed for community organizations allows for the thorough analysis and management of efforts, as well as outcome measurement, in determining how communities are best served and identifying where adjustments can be made to better address the needs of various demographics within the community.

Community service institutes such as the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Harlem Children’s Zone employ outcomes assessment software to measure their efforts and improve their outcomes accordingly, enabling those who use their services to better their lives.

Below, find a brief introduction to our suite of non-profit software programs, Efforts To Outcomes (ETO™)

ETO™ Impact

ETO Impact is a software solution for management and billing and is favored by many large and central non-profit organizations. It provides increased practicality and great performance management utility.

This robust software solution gives the user flexibility, a robust menu, in depth reporting, reimbursement software features, and enhanced non-profit web-based software capability.

ETO™ Collaborate

ETO Collaborate is a web-based non-profit software program that makes it easy to coordinate between nonprofit organizations, NGOs, and government agencies. Use it for medical billing needs or as a case management system.

This software solution grants your target community access to multiple coordinated agencies, Sensitive, relevant information is quickly shared across multiple platforms without compromising confidentiality and security.

If you would like to speak with a non-profit software consultant regarding your specific situation, please contact us here.

ETO Software Can Transform The Way You Serve Your Communities


About Social Solutions

Social Solutions is the industry leader in providing human services organizations and community assistance programs with software designed for performance management and outcomes assessment to better community residents.

We were founded by former case managers and service workers who wanted to help community organizations across the industry understand the impact that their programs had on their participants. We achieve that through our many ETO programs designed to measure efforts and improve the outcomes of social service work.

Our non profit performance management software is used by providers, funders, evaluators and government organizations to successfully assist participants in finding family services, health, housing and education, among others things.

We understand the goals, needs and commitment of the organizations that use our software. As a result of that, we work with them to exceed the expectations of their missions and advance the effectiveness of their programs for the betterment of communities everywhere.

Our philosophy is that connecting people to services, efforts to outcomes and communities to stakeholders are all essential elements in making sure that positive change is not just delivered, but lasts.

It is that philosophy that has allowed organizations such as Harlem Children’s Zone®, Catholic Charities, Annie E. Casey Foundation, HUD, and cities such as Boston and Hartford to use non profit management software to save time while they improve the quality and effectiveness of the services that they provide.

ETO™ is a trademark of Social Solutions, Global, Inc. Harlem Children’s Zone® and HCZ® are registered trademarks of HCZ, Inc.


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