Our customers get out of bed every day to change lives in a world of unlimited need, scarce resources and growing expectations. We get out of bed every day to help nonprofits serve more people with every hour, program and dollar. Serving more than 180,000 users in 18,000 organizations over the course of 15+ years, we believe powerful yet easy-to-use web-based software should be within everyone’s reach—empowering directors, staff and stakeholders to track what matters, collaborate with ease and prove every impact.


In 2000, Social Solutions was launched by a small team of direct service workers who wanted to improve the effectiveness of social services. They asked themselves: How much effort does it take to produce desired outcomes for specific groups of clients? Efforts to Outcomes (ETO®) software was the result—a solution that would allow staff to record their efforts at the point of service delivery and relate those efforts to client outcomes down the road.

In 2015, Social Solutions acquired CTK and began to sell Apricot Software, an extremely secure and flexible nonprofit software solution that offers case management, client, donor and volunteer tracking as well as outcomes management.

Nonprofits have unique technological needs: comprehensive, centralized client and funder data collection along with the ability to provide dynamic outcomes and reporting. ETO and Apricot Software have been providing nonprofits and government agencies the essential tools needed for success around the world.

Our software offers real-time reports provide actionable data to inform service delivery and program management, outcomes and performance management, and builds a foundation for continuous internal improvement.


Since ETO and Apricot software became available, it has been adopted by thousands of human service organizations and government agencies throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Latin America. Social Solutions Global (SSG) has worked with partner organizations in research and evaluation as well as in service delivery to build several dozen pre-configured models its client agencies can use to facilitate replicating promising programs with fidelity.

Additionally, we engage in a wide array of advocacy efforts intended to build awareness and transform the way in which human services are delivered, funded, and evaluated. Our focus is in nonprofits and government agencies, as we believe the greatest impact can be achieved by changes made at the state, local and even the federal level, in conjunction with nonprofit organizations, philanthropies, evaluators, collaboratives and providers of direct services.


Nonprofits are an integral resource, providing services and programs that meet the societal demands that other sectors fail to tend to. Provided with the correct tools and resources, non profits can exceed their goals while effectively meeting the imperatives of their mission.