Managing Outcomes for Victims’ Services Organizations

Victims’ service organizations need a comprehensive system to ensure their data, whether it be from battering intervention, violence prevention, intervention and counseling support, and legal services to domestic violence shelters is secure, organized, and used to positively impact those they serve. That’s where we come in.

Helping to Ensure Safety & Security for Your Clients

Our software solutions provide flexible case management to meet the unique program needs of your domestic violence or victim service organization. From tracking individual goals such as permanent housing and job retention to family and program goals, it’s important to keep your data secure, accessible, and organized.

Tools for Every Step of the Process

Intake Clients

Easily record information in a secure system as soon as people walk in the door. Simply fill out a built-in form. Nonprofit intake has never been easier.

Assess Needs

Ensure your clients are aligned with the correct services. Apricot Victims’ Services includes a Goals Assessment form to easily identify individual needs.

Provide Services

Easily enroll clients in programs and track progress related to specific programs and services to gain a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s needs.


Easily work with individuals and families to meet goals. Compare results across individuals, caseloads, and programs to see where improvements can be made.

Report Results

Report to HUD and VOCA funders to help meet requirements and secure funding. Customize reports to inform internal decision-makers and gain more funding.

Manage to Outcomes

Take your service delivery to the next level by understanding the impact your service provide. Measure and manage against individual and program level goals.

A Solution Designed for Victims Services Organizations

Our Apricot for Victims’ Support (AVS) product is uniquely designed with domestic violence service providers in mind. AVS is a preconfigured solution with standard forms and reports based on funding requirements and best practices in the domestic violence space. AVS is the solution that specifically addresses the case management and outcomes reporting of your domestic violence service providers.

  • Built-in reports to help you meet funder requirements
    • HUD Data Quality Report, APR, and ESG Caper Reports
    • VOCA Report
  • Best practice forms designed for domestic violence service providers

Who We Serve

See How Social Solutions Can Help Victims’ Services Organizations

We help your organization track all aspects of your victims’ services programs and services to prove effectiveness at the individual, program, and organizational level to reach your goals and promote safety, intervention, and prevention.