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Impact Partners

Accelerate your philanthropic impact when you empower deserving nonprofits with the power of technology.

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 A better way of giving.

Nonprofits and social service providers are increasingly challenged by the complexity of delivering much-needed services that result in impactful social change. While businesses have long relied on technology to help them solve complex problems and drive efficiencies and scale, nonprofits often lack access to the kind of technology required to meet the growing needs in their communities.

Scale your impact

Save time with a single donation that enables grants to multiple nonprofits.

Measure your true ROI

Access on-demand, standardized, outcomes-based reporting across your portfolio.

Maximize your impact

Get a 360-degree view of your impact through community collaboration.

The Impact Partners mission

Social Solutions strongly believes that access to technology is a fundamental driver of lasting social change. So we created Impact Partners — a team dedicated to helping nonprofits gain access to funding to help offset the cost of technology enablement, and to empowering funders to truly measure the impact of their investments in a data-driven way. We collaborate with funders to create community or sector-specific Impact Funds that provide matching funds for nonprofits to adopt the case management software of their choice.

How Impact Partners work

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Create an Impact Fund

Impact Partners facilitates collaboration amongst the funder community to create a community or sector-based fund focused on critical outcomes in the health and human services sector.

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Identify outcomes

Impact Partners will consult with you on your key outcomes, developing standardized metrics and reporting so that you can measure your impact across the fund’s whole portfolio.

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Enable nonprofits with case management technology

The Impact Fund provides matching grants to nonprofits to adopt the case management software of their choice, configured to provide data and reporting that aligns with the key outcomes you’ve identified.

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Get standardized, on-demand reporting

Standardized, outcomes-based data from nonprofit grant recipients are integrated into comprehensive reporting that you can access on a near real-time basis from your funder portal.

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Accelerate your impact through collaboration

Integrate data from additional sources to see a 360-degree view of your community and the progress being made.

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Impact Portal

Consolidated, standardized reporting
We design the fund with the end in mind to capture data in a consistent, standardized way based on BluePrints specific to each sector.

Automated data capture
Data capture is automated and feeds directly into the portal — so there is no additional burden on grantees.

Data-driven insights
Get on-demand insights based on outcomes based data — so you can track real progress against your objectives across the fund portfolio and measure your true ROI.

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Ballmer Group + Social Solutions

"We are impressed with the mission and work of Social Solutions, and I hope others in the tech industry will also accelerate efforts." Steve Ballmer pull quote overlaid on an image of a student smiling at a desk.

Our Goal

Impact Partners’ goal is to raise over $150M over the next five years for technology funding for nonprofits, thus enabling thousands of organizations who touch millions of lives to serve their communities more effectively and create real change. We’re committed to connecting funders with deserving nonprofits to drive impact at scale.

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