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From Compliance to Impact: Framing your Agency’s Data Culture

March 1, 2023 from 3 – 4 p.m. ET

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Your organization likely deals with a lot of data. Intake forms, assessments, caseworker notes, program-level reports – and the list goes on. So, what’s the big deal about managing your data?

Not only is data management critical for maintaining compliance, but beyond that, your data tells the story of your impact as an organization.

In this webinar, we will share strategies for establishing a data-driven culture at your organization. We’ll show you how to take inventory of your current data and reporting structures and how to lead improvement discussions with your staff.

Join us to take the first step towards using data to show your impact. When you can do this effectively, your agency will experience a few benefits, including: 
  • Staff who understand data can clearly see their impact – Results are a more energized team and better team meetings rooted in outcome management. 
  • Better outcomes for participants – Process and program improvements can be better managed when everyone understands the data. 
  • More funding and resource support – Reporting on outcomes leads to more sustainable long–term funding. 
  • The ability to share your impact confidently – Your leadership can be more confident and knowledgeable when speaking to the board, funders, and the public. 


Teddie Pierce Headshot

Managing Founder at Decipher HMIS 

Teddie Pierce served as a Homeless Management Information Systems Administrator for Sonoma County, CA, from 2011-2016 and an independent HMIS and nonprofit data consultant from 2016 to date.  She is the Managing Founder of Social Services Data Solutions, Inc., a consultancy providing HMIS design, implementation, and capacity strengthening in database administration, training, reporting customization, and statement of work development. 

Jill Guffey Headshot

Director, Solutions Architecture at Social Solutions

Jill Guffey is an IT leader with over 17 years in the non-profit environment and 10 years in the software industry. Jill’s current role is Director of Solutions Architecture with Social Solutions where each day she and her team enable and elevate the hardworking people at organizations that do social good by bringing together best-in-class tools and technology.

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