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Participant Connection

Technology that puts the people you serve at the center.

The power of connection.

Innovative functionality in our product portfolio allows you to save time, inspire participation and improve the chances of success for the people you serve.

Virtual? No problem

Allow people to remotely apply for services, saving you hours of data entry and countless paper forms.


Inspire engagement and empower your participants to self-serve of with a participant portal.


Notify your participants of a schedule change, updates or request action with direct messages.

Improve service delivery

Technology can empower the people you serve to be partners in driving forward their success. 


Connect from anywhere

Innovative scheduling capabilities allow you to deliver services remotely, removing traditional barriers in case management solutions.

Focus on what’s important

Reduce time spent on data entry by 35% and time spent on reporting by 40% so that you can focus on the people you serve.

Ready to strengthen your impact?
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