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Apricot: Human Services Software for Case Management

Human services organizations do vital, life-changing work in their communities and need a case management solution to help them stay organized. With Apricot, small and growing organizations will have the customizable tools they need to manage every part of their critical programs.

Human services software for effective programs and life-changing impact

Apricot empowers human services organizations to collect information in a single, secure location and report their impact while maintaining compliance and reporting requirements. With customizable tools, a wide range of human services organizations including those specializing in mental health, substance abuse prevention, self-sufficiency, senior services, and more will be able to track the data that’s most important to them.

Data-Driven Insights

Access client-level data to manage service delivery—like assessments, case planning and referrals—and ensure that clients receive the services they need most.

Collaboration for Optimum Care

Refer clients between programs internally, and collaborate with other nonprofits, care facilities and government agencies in your community.

Insightful, Easy-to-use reporting

Meet funding requirements and report progress toward your goals such as improved self-sufficiency, quality of care, and more.

Comprehensive Case Management

Get a clear picture of each client with data stored in one comprehensive location, allowing your team to track every step in your clients’ journeys. 

Complete Customizability 

Apricot’s tools can be customized and built according to your organization’s needs. 

Continual Support

Need assistance setting up your new platform? Get in touch with a member of our team to receive technical support whenever you need it. 

Human service software to help you change lives.

Track all aspects of your human services programs to prove effectiveness at the individual, program, and organizational levels.


Take Your Mission Further

Human services software helps you reach your goals and change lives by increasing self-sufficiency.

Simple, Easy, Intuitive

No matter your comfortability with technology, Apricot’s user-friendly interface is easy to learn and navigate. 

Love INC is a small nonprofit that uses Apricot to fulfill their big purpose.

Love INC’s purpose is to connect members of their community with the services they need in real-time. Using Apricot, the team can collect and report on the services they offer the community all in one seamless, easy-to-use-tool.

276 hours saved annually by eliminating manual data counting processes

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“Apricot is already giving us an opportunity to be both more efficient and more effective in sharing with our church partners how they have made a difference in their communities … giving them the information that allows them to understand where and how they can create new ministry opportunities.”

Kim Wittel, Executive Director

See how human services technology can take your mission further

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