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Grow your foundation’s impact with comprehensive software for the organizations you support.

Help your grantees generate positive outcomes in their communities

Comprehensive, outcome-driven foundation management software can take your grant partners from capturing data to driving impact. By supporting your grant partners’ investment in program tracking technology, you can ensure they have the tools to move their mission forward.

Effective program tracking

When the organizations you fund can manage their data, track results and scale their programs efficiently, they  spend more time focusing on their mission.

Outcomes-focused reporting

Measuring outcomes at the program and organizational level gives you a big-picture view of your foundation’s impact.

Transparency in funding

When your grantees can articulate their impact, you have visibility into how your funds are being used — and where to focus your funding.

Foundation management software to fund greater impact.

We help your foundation track all aspects of your grant partners’ programs and services to reach your goals, and fund greater impact.


Extend your reach

Get greater visibility into the causes you fund, and identify trends and opportunities to further your funding impact. 

Simple, easy, intuitive

No matter what your comfort level is with technology, Apricot is easy to learn and navigate. 

See how technology can take your mission further

Empowering partners with resiliency, creativity and flexibility

With Social Solutions’ Apricot 360 case management software, ARCHS empowers its partners to identify new challenges, apply best practices and navigate the 2020 crises in real-time by pushing the envelope of technology.

190K+ community members served through ARCHS’ services.

“Our work is out in the world. We’re not a ‘sit at your desk’ organization. Anything we can do to push the envelope of technology is going to be to the benefit of the program.”


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