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Community Network

Social Solutions software provides unprecedented visibility into progress, outcomes and impact across your community.

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Join a global network of social good organizations.

Social Solutions provides a case management software platform that connects you to other organizations like yours, so you can capitalize on best practices implemented by thousands of organizations solving social issues worldwide.

Census data integrations

Easily understand the demographic make-up of the communities you serve, identifying areas of need and target community outreach efforts.

Referral networks

Easily refer and track your participants’ journey of success from program entry to exit.

Blueprints for success

A library of proven forms and reports help guide workflows and deliver outcomes and insights.

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Community done right with First 5

New programs, new solutions
Social Solutions helped First 5 effectively navigate referral workloads.

More collaboration
First 5 Riverside has increased collaboration through Social Solutions technology.

Better data, better outcomes
Efficiency and effectiveness around data, analytics and reporting are now possible.

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Census dashboard

Data-informed program planning
Use census data to identify areas your programs could best serve, and target community outreach efforts.

Better understand your community
Pull data used in grant applications and funders.

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Closed-loop referrals

Serve the entire community
Refer the people you serve to ensure they get access to the programs they need over a closed, secure platform.

Do more with less with a unified system of care
Solve community needs by coordinating care across a network of disparate stakeholders in a common platform

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See how technology can take your mission further

Ready to strengthen your impact?
Watch the product demo.