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Child Services + Education

Child services software for organizations on a mission to help every student reach their full potential.

Solutions that deliver insights to help students succeed.

Educating the leaders of tomorrow is a big undertaking. But Apricot 360 is here to help. By harnessing the power of data and analytics, Apricot 360 helps identify actions that should be taken to ensure the success of every student. Empower teachers, superintendents, community leaders, and program directors with child services case management software solutions to make the most informed decisions.

Effective program management

 Manage multiple programs and locations from the same platform.

Unprecedented insights

Advanced insights keep your students on the path to learning and growing.

Data-driven next steps

Guide your curriculum in the right direction with recommendations specific to each participant.

The cradle-to-career commitment

Child services software  for every step of the process: Intake clients, assess needs, provide services, collaborate, report results and manage to outcomes.


Easily aggregate data

Show the impact of coordinated services from cradle to college.

Simple, easy, intuitive

No matter what your comfort level is with technology, Apricot is easy to learn and navigate.

See how technology can take your mission further

Data and reporting is empowering communities in schools

With Apricot 360, CIS – Greater Tarrant County has increased its efficiency in case management data collection and reporting so much that they’re meeting goals ahead of schedule and removing barriers to students’ success.

CIS manages 4,200+ cases per year with Apricot 360.

“Here’s what I believe: do the work and the outcomes will show. But in order for outcomes to show, I need the data. So, that means I need the right database and technology to prove the work and results.”

LAUREN SLY, Vice President of Programs

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