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Referral Partners

Referral partners share their love for Social Solutions with others in their network.

Referral program overview

Our referral partners are committed to making a bigger impact on their communities by recommending our software solutions to other organizations in their networks. They share the work their organization or an organization in their network has been able to accomplish by using our software, and facilitate an introduction with Social Solutions.

Would you make a great referral partner?

Our referral partners recognize opportunities where ETO and Apricot software can help organizations prove their impact and deliver on their mission through nonprofit technology.

Whether you’re a consultant, small business or large organization, promoting ETO and Apricot is simple — just recommend our solutions to your network and share their information with us. We’ll do the rest!

Types of referral partners

We work with referral partners of all sizes, including:

  • Consultants and coaches
  • Business advisors
  • National associations
  • National affiliates
  • ETO and Apricot users
  • Nonprofit thought leaders

Become a referral partner.
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