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Mapping Your Data Strategy & Modernizing Your Software Can’t Wait: Part 1

Committing to your data strategy and modernizing your case management software are too important to wait.

Looming economic uncertainty, increasing demand for services, and staffing fluctuations at your organization may make you uncertain about changing your current database and reporting system. Ironically, because of the current economic landscape and the ongoing changes at your organization, you really can’t afford to put off modernizing your software—or lack thereof. 

The risks of putting it off is too great: your service delivery takes a hit from gaps in the data; it’s harder to expand programs due to the lack of visibility into your organization’s impact; your staff gets burnt out because of a lack of resources and manual data entry processes; and you lose out on funding due to an inability to meet reporting requirements. 

Adopting a smart case management solution is the first step. The second step is mapping out your data strategy in order to ensure you are effectively using your data to ease your staff’s workload, report your organization’s growing impact on the community, and sustain and boost funds. 

To help organizations map their data strategy, we created a set of standards and stages we call the Social Solutions data maturity model. Our data maturity model includes four stages:

  • Committing to data. 
  • Counting outputs. 
  • Measuring outcomes. 
  • Managing outcomes. 

In part one of this eBook, we’ll cover the first two stages: committing to data and counting outputs. 

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