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Software for organizations working with violence survivors 

Designed around best practices, our Apricot for Violence Survivors case management software has built-in forms and reports to meet funder requirements, including maintaining compliance with VAWA and VOCA.

Apricot for Violence Survivors case management software preview image featuring the software overlaid on an image of two women embracing in a hug.

Case management packages for organizations of all sizes and types, all across the Social Services sector

Working with a company with an outstanding level of experience in the Violence Survivors realm is a step in the right direction. Through supporting our unique network of over 19,000 customers, we’ve gained the trust and reliability needed to help you in your case management journey.  

Not just that, our software excels in many other important areas allowing us to serve you better: 
  • Proactive usability and design with a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use interface and readily available staff/support 
  • Smooth data collection and analysis process enabling you to create meaningful insights and dashboards 
  • Stay compliant to meet funder requirements while simultaneously maintaining data and security compliance standards such as VOCA, VAWA, HUD, HIPAA, HiTrust, FedRamp and NIST 

Apricot allows us to view client outcomes and make sure we are meeting the goals set for clients and providers. Our organization has been able to develop reports that are used for grant funding and reporting. It helps us set in-agency goals to see the trends and successes.”  

Michelle Staab, Outreach Advocate, Domestic Violence Services 

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