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Improving School Safety and Health Outcomes

with Superior Data Management and Community Linkages

Woman guiding kids through a white board exercise

Ongoing issues like school safety, household violence and food insecurity represent substantial blockers to children’s success. As education outcomes continue to be significantly impacted by factors outside of the classroom, school districts face the growing challenge of providing social services to students and managing behavioral and mental health data. 

Given that many districts rely on emails and spreadsheets for this type of data, there is a pressing need for districts to advance their IT systems so leaders can easily observe patterns within the communities they serve. A centralized data system can also allow districts to scale efforts and outcomes at the school and community levels.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn about:
  • Strategies to support schools that must meet multiple student needs
  • The limitations of siloed data
  • Methods that can give stakeholders a 360-degree view into their communities for early identification of needs
Tom Ryan Headshot
Tom Ryan — Moderator
Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

Tom Ryan has recently retired from Santa Fe Public Schools, in New Mexico, as Chief Information and Strategy Officer. He has co-founded, K12 Strategic Technology Advisory Group, to assist district leaders deliver educational success with technology, which is led by experienced school technology leaders. He has expertise in strategic planning and leadership, designing digital learning environments, technology infrastructure reviews.

Tre Cabrera Headshot
Tre Cabrera — Speaker
Community Development Executive, Social Solutions

Diana May is Director of Client Success at Social Solutions and host for the webinar series. With over 10 years of SaaS experience, her expertise lies in guiding her team to assist clients in maximizing their investment while achieving critical outcomes. Diana delights in getting to know our clients, understanding their needs and helping them achieve their outcomes.

Lucas Steven Headshot
Steven Lucas — Speaker
Public Sector Enterprise Account Executive, Social Solutions

Steven is a Public Sector Enterprise Account Executive at Social Solutions, a public benefit corporation and the world’s fastest-growing social good platform. He helps local education agencies, state governments, and their community partners implement more sophisticated systems for health, social services, student safety, and community initiatives.

Carrie Evans Headshot
Carrie Evans — Speaker
Technology Training Specialist, Akron Public Schools

Carrie Evans is a 23 year veteran of Akron Public Schools. She began her career at Leggett Elementary School as a Work Study Tech Assistant in 1998. After earning her Bachelor’s of Education Degree in 1999, she spent 6 months as a Reading Tutor in grades 1-3. In 2000, Carrie began teaching 2nd and 3rd Multiage. In 2003, Carrie earned her Master’s Degree of Arts and Science (Technology). She continued at Leggett Community Learning Center until 2013 when she joined Central Office as a Technology Training Specialist in her current position and completed a second Master’s Degree in Education Administration. Among other duties, Carrie supervises 25 building- level Technology Support Specialists, reviews technology applications for district use, leads district device distribution and planning, and manages student internet safety for E-Rate compliance.

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