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Drive greater impact when you use your CARES Act funding for technology.

It’s time for communities to rebuild and to thrive – the Future of Social Good is Now! Your CARES Act funding can help.

By earmarking a portion of CARES Act funding to invest in case management technology, you can transform operations, serve more people than ever before and fuel relief across your community.

Apricot gives you all this to make a bigger difference:

  • Aggregate Report Building
  • Clean, Intuitive User Interface
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Multiple Program Sites
  • Intake Capabilities
  • Premier Support Package

Demand is higher than ever before, but our clients can deliver 3.5x more services because of efficiencies gained by using Social Solutions software. Ready to get started?

Woman holding conversation while writing down information on paper with Apricot 360 product overlay.

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