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Certified Implementation Partners

Certified Implementation Partners are available to help with the first-time set-up of your software or complex data transfers.

Get the most out of your software.

Social Solutions is proud to partner with organizations that are committed to making it easier for our clients to achieve their social good mission.

Set up or clean your database

Ensure your database is set up to allow for seamless scalability

Migrate data

Import or export data to other systems through our products’ API.

Create data workflows

Take advantage of everything our products have to offer and boost your impact.

Sidekick Solutions

Sidekick Solutions is an independent software consulting firm, specializing in Apricot software. They help new and existing Apricot users set up, streamline and make the most of their software with a wide range of professional services — including implementation, reporting, consulting, data migration, system integration, and database auditing and cleanup. 

Sidekick Solutions believes software can help users do better work with less effort, so they offer products and services that make software easier to use.


Treadwell is an independent professional services consulting firm that specializes in developing advanced, creative workflow and reporting structures to leverage the power of ETO® and Apricot®. Treadwell’s consultants have decades of experience in all aspects of nonprofit performance management and know exactly what it takes to ensure all their clients succeed with their Apricot® and ETO® systems.

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