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Certified Implementation Partners

Certified Implementation Partners are available to help with the first-time set-up of your software or complex data transfers.

Get the most out of your software.

Social Solutions is proud to partner with organizations that are committed to making it easier for our clients to achieve their social good mission.

Set up or clean your database

Ensure your database is set up to allow for seamless scalability

Migrate data

Import or export data to other systems through our products’ API.

Create data workflows

Take advantage of everything our products have to offer and boost your impact.

Exact Change Strategies 2022 Company Logo

Exact Change Strategies (ECS) focuses on high-quality service and customer satisfaction. With an agile, accelerated methodology, our approach allows customers to create, build and realize their strategic vision. ECS’s highly skilled, creative team brings SME and key data into the development cycle to drive tangible ROI critical for success.

Since 2012, ECS has a diverse history of global work with varied companies.  Services range from full custom implementations, change management strategies, training, site admin services, ongoing TA, report development, and data migration.

Generate_Impact is a tech company focused solely on celebrating and serving nonprofit and for-profit-for-good humanitarian, social impact, and sustainability organizations and causes.

We provide exceptional support for Nonprofit Tech, Organizational IT, and Custom Development, including tech selection, migration, implementation, integration, and product design and development.

As a profit-enabled vs profit-driven company, we measure our success based on the benevolence created by our clients.

Health Roads Digital Transformation 2022 Company Logo

Health Roads is a boutique consulting firm based in Newark, CA. We have years of experience in implementing Health and Human Services IT systems in local government and community-based organizations around the country. We have deep and unique expertise in combining medical and human services data into coherent longitudinal records for clients.

Sidekick Solutions 2022 Company Logo

Sidekick Solutions is an independent software consulting firm, specializing in Apricot software. They help new and existing Apricot users set up, streamline and make the most of their software with a wide range of professional services — including implementation, reporting, consulting, data migration, system integration, and database auditing and cleanup. 

Sidekick Solutions believes software can help users do better work with less effort, so they offer products and services that make software easier to use.

Treadwill Data 2022 Company Logo

Better Data means Greater Impact. Treadwell provides the most creative and technically proficient services available to make your ETO and Apricot systems simple and effective.

As the only Certified Platinum Implementation Partner for both ETO and Apricot, Treadwell combines decades of ETO and Apricot experience with the most comprehensive set of services, such as automation, evaluation, project management and advanced API integrations.

Focus on what you do best and leave the data to us.

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