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Client Training

Apricot Administrator Boot Camp

Apricot Certification Exam

Apricot Lab I: Form Logic

Apricot Lab I: Import Tool

Apricot Lab I: Registration Grid

Apricot Lab I: Rules & Alerts

Apricot Lab I: Schedule

Apricot Lab II: Building Reports

Apricot Lab II: Creating Graphs

Apricot Lab II: Designing Forms

Apricot Lab II: Linking Forms

Apricot Lab II: Managing Data

Apricot Lab II: Managing Users

Apricot Lab III: Aggregate Reports

Apricot Lab III: Guest User Access

Apricot Lab III: Intake & Connect

Apricot Lab III: Referrals

Apricot Lab III: Workflow

Apricot Lab IV: Comparative Reports

Apricot Lab IV: Optimizing Forms for Effective Reporting

Apricot Lab IV: Outcomes Based Reports

Apricot Results Boot Camp

ETO Administrator Boot Camp

ETO Certification Exam

ETO Lab II: Building Collections

ETO Lab II: Building Referrals

ETO Lab II: Building Touchpoints

ETO Lab II: Dashboard Templates & Messages

ETO Lab II: Entities & Attributes

ETO Lab II: Managing Sites & Programs

ETO Lab II: Managing Staff & Users

ETO Lab II: Participants & Demographics

ETO Lab II: Query Wizard & Batch Upload

ETO Lab II: Standard Reports

ETO Lab III: Alerts

ETO Lab III: Caseload

ETO Lab III: Connect

ETO Lab III: Referrals

ETO Lab III: Workflow

ETO Lab IV: Enterprise Demographics, Participants, & Grouping Features

ETO Lab IV: Enterprise Navigation & Management

ETO Lab IV: Enterprise Reports

ETO Lab IV: Enterprise TouchPoints, Entities & Referrals

ETO Results Boot Camp

ETO Results Certification Exam

ETO Results Lab I: Charts, Graphs, and Summary Tables

ETO Results Lab I: Context

ETO Results Lab I: Creating Formulas

ETO Results Lab I: Formatting and Design

ETO Results Lab II: Crosstabs

ETO Results Lab II: Flags

ETO Results Lab II: Merged Dimensions/Multiple Queries

ETO Results Lab II: Unflattened Data

ETO Results Lab III: Advanced Query Filtering

ETO Results Lab III: Combining Touchpoint & Enrollment Data

ETO Results Lab III: Data Integrity in ETO

ETO Results Lab III: Evaluating Reports & Improving Performance

ETO Results Lab III: Unflattened Data II